Doug Brown is a professional athlete, motivational speaker, and published author. Chances are you've seen Doug Brown on NBC's Good Co.Today show, at the Gravity Games, AST Dew Tour, Vans Warped Tour, or even on a stick of X-Air Deodorant, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Brown is founder of his highly acclaimed inspirational speaking program, Dream Big. From touring arenas with the band The Newsboys to visiting patients in hospitals as an all star member of Athletes for Hope, Doug has proven to be more than just a pro athlete. Hidden behind his contagious smile and charisma is a wide range of talents and a strong sense of determination. Doug’s professional skating career began by chance at the 2002 Gravity Games when he caught the eye of his first paying sponsors. He quickly realized his hobby became his living after a whirlwind of extensive traveling, industry events, demos, contests, and personal appearances. While he maintains a strong commitment to his career Brown has shifted his primary focus and energies towards his Dream Big program speaking at schools, libraries, camps, commencements and much more. Brown wholeheartedly believes in positive change and the importance of hope and optimism. Notable causes and philanthropy include involvement with Athletes For Hope, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, American Red Cross, St.Baldrick's Foundation, and SADD. Television appearances on NBC's Good Co.Today Show, Much Music Television, 54321, Fuel TV, ABC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, Planet X, Xcorps TV, and Sports Talk.

We are all faced with major issues no matter what age we are. I've had my own personal struggles in my life and have been blessed to be in the position I am; a chance meeting and a healthy dose of being in the right place at the right time have allowed me to make a career out of my passion, skateboarding. I look back to the 2002 Gravity Games held in Cleveland, Ohio where my professional career started. I found myself thrust into the spotlight and traveling all over the world performing at venues of all kinds. Quickly I began to embrace the responsibility of being a role model and mentor, and realized that it was imperative that my journey with skateboarding have more purpose than just as entertainment. I found myself invited to speak at events across the country where I was able to encourage people to stay clear from drugs and alcohol and believe in themselves and their dreams. With this, my skateboard became my microphone and I was given the unique opportunity to have a positive influence on people of all ages. Being a professional athlete has its rewards but becoming a published author and speaker has given me the strongest sense of self worth and purpose.

As time went on, I developed my own platform, my own foundation. I use my own life story with my personal experiences and stories from people I’ve come across. I bring my message and speak globally at libraries, schools, camps, military bases, detention centers, high school commencements, churches, and wherever the opportunity arises.

Why do I make the effort? On a personal level, it gives me a sense of purpose, to give back, to be pro-active, to help others think positively while leading a drug free life. As it turns out, people from all walks of life attend and are given the opportunity to share their own stories as well. Everyone goes through tough times, and hearing how people have come through adversity can have a strong influence on an impressionable audience. I'm all about humanity and compassion, and helping people learn how to make better choices to firm up a strong future for themselves. I encourage people to find their passion and embrace their talents in order to achieve their dreams. The essence of my Dream Big speaking program is to motivate individuals to make good choices throughout their lives.

Corporate appearances, speaking engagements, autograph signings, camps, commencement speeches, endorsements, meet & greets, keynote speeches, and special events.

Motivation - Drug & Alcohol Awareness - Bullying - Drinking & Driving - Literacy - Education Awareness - Setting Goals
Self Esteem - Suicide Prevention - Depression - Leadership - Character Development - Skate and Bike Safety

*Presentations can be tailored to emphasize specific topics if needed

The presentation has been presented to grade school students, junior high students, high school students,
youth groups, hospitals, teen rehabs, churches, libraries, skateboard competitions, city events (kids day, etc), events with bands, conferences, and camps. Open to all ages.

Typically 45 minutes to 60 minutes however presentations can go for any time increment requested.
The presentation begins with a 10 minute video featuring Doug's career and skateboarding highlights. The presentation is talking only and not skateboarding.

Pricing varies depending on local, national, or international booking.
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"In a world where we see so much selfishness and pain, it's nice to see someone who is sharing his compassion and kindness"
- Stacie T - EWH Center

"Doug's message, emphasizing anti-drug activities, putting bullies in perspective and surrounding ourselves with quality friends was an inspiration to us all. He did a beautiful job relating to our audience, handling even the difficult subjects with
gentleness, prudence and grace.
- Franklin Twp. School, Principal

"Doug Brown has an unwavering commitment to helping others. We are very lucky to work with such a passionate and giving person. Thank you for all that you do for the community."
- Athletes for Hope

"Doug provided us with an excellent program. I'm still receiving feedback how delighted people were with his presentation. His optimism and enthusiasm are remarkable and motivating."
- Kathleen Jozwiak Director Orrville Public Library

"Doug's program was wonderful. He was very professional, personable and deeply connected to the audience. He went above and beyond with his preparation and graciously stayed late to converse with the audience and answer questions. I hope that we can schedule another program with Doug in the future."
- Kristie Donelson Ashland Public Library

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