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"Inspirational and exciting, Bliss of the Unwind is a magnificent story of Doug Brown's life. He shows us that we can achieve by believing in ourselves, working hard, and by always looking for our pearl in the shell. Not only do we learn the details of how he reached and continues to reach his achievements, but we learn how he chooses daily to give back to society. He uses his many talents to inspire others to find and use their own talents. Bliss is fun to read for any 80's child, with references from music, movies and TV shows from the times. It's a "feel good" story that also teaches about strength, determination, tolerance and diversity. Highly recommended, five stars!!"
- Laura Finn, Childtime Learning Center Director

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How did I get here? From being a kid on a skateboard, doing it for the love of the sport, to being a man with paying sponsors, to the Dew Tour, to becoming a motivational speaker and author. My life a whirlwind of plane rides, hotels, contests, my love life, good times, bad times, lots of money, no money. How were these things cultivated from nothing more than luck, a wooden board, and four spinning wheels? That question would unveil itself slowly as I looked inward to examine my life to this point: from the tragic loss of my mother—which was an unbelievable low—to this proud moment of being in the spotlight. From my experiences as a child actor that morphed to my time in a band and ultimately led to my discovery of skateboarding; all these elements that seemed unrelated, but blended together and became the critical experiences that made up my life, my career, my nucleus. - Doug Brown


By Doug Brown

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Looking Glass Self - (Doug Brown's 2nd book) takes us on a voyage of self discovery through the eyes of motivational speaker, author, philanthropist and skateboarder Doug Brown. Finding love and living life to the fullest. In a world that tries to teach us what we're supposed to be, Brown reminds us of who we are meant to be... ourselves.
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  "Looking Glass Self is laced with childhood memories, stories of those he encountered during his travels, love, compassion, role models, family, hope and optimism. His words dive deep into the heart, leaving it soaked with a new sense of positivity. Stirring that level of motivation is not easy for anyone, but Brown does it with elegance and honor."
- Angela Workman - Wooster Weekly News
A purpose and meaning from four wheels and a piece of wood
By Doug Brown


Doug Brown stumbled into fame, or it stumbled into him. But he wasn't always shredding for money and handing out autographs. Raised in a family with a sick mother, weary father, and responsible brother left him only one role to play—the black sheep. Under the shadow of his mother's cancer and his family's disapproval, Doug found an escape: skateboarding. In this intimate autobiography, Doug Brown dares to share his life, the trials and successes, in order to inspire within his readers the courage to do what you love, no matter what.
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