Doug Brown Bliss of the Unwind -
My Life Beyond the Board (BOOK)

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"Inspirational and exciting, Bliss of the Unwind is a magnificent story of Doug Brown's life. He shows us that we can achieve by believing in ourselves, working hard, and by always looking for our pearl in the shell. Not only do we learn the details of how he reached and continues to reach his achievements, but we learn how he chooses daily to give back to society. He uses his many talents to inspire others to find and use their own talents. Bliss is fun to read for any 80's child, with references from music, movies and TV shows from the times. It's a "feel good" story that also teaches about strength, determination, tolerance and diversity. Highly recommended, five stars!!"
- Laura Finn, Childtime Learning Center Director


Speedy Entry: Advice for the rebel
with a cause teenager (BOOK)

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Doug Brown dives deep into his own tender teen years to share his experience sprinkled with real life advice and tools to help teens make positive life choices and be encouraged. Brown did not hold back from tackling head-on all relevant issues that teens today are facing: parents, siblings, school, body changes, peer pressure, dating, jobs, driving, bullying, social media, and more. Brown uses his own life experience to relate to teens on their level and show them the outcomes they can have based on the choices they make today. Brown’s journey through adolescence led him to be the man he is today and he takes us down the road that started him on that path. Brown offers hope to teens to find their own road to travel that will guide them to their destination. Through many trials and adversity in his teen years, Brown shows how teens can persevere and follow their dreams to become the adult they want to be. Brown offers a great read that at times is funny and even sad, but most of all, it is raw, real life and completely relatable to what teens are going through and what they are faced with in today’s world.

Speedy Entry: Advice for the rebel
with a cause teenager (BOOK)

List Price: $14.99 Price:$11.99

AUDIO BOOK (Download)
Narrated by Doug Brown

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(4 CDs)

Narrated by Doug Brown

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Jumpin' Pumpkins (BOOK)

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By Doug Brown - Category (FICTION - CHILDRENS)

Jasper wants to be different this Halloween. Join him as he adventures through the day making choices, finding courage, all leading up to a trick-or-treat night to remember. Doug Brown has a way with words. More than a professional athlete and speaker, he shares his love for everything pumpkins, ghosts, and Halloween in this delightful tale.


Looking Glass Self (BOOK)

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By Doug Brown - Category (SELF HELP)

Looking Glass Self (Doug Brown's 2nd book) takes us on a voyage of self discovery through the eyes of motivational speaker, author, philanthropist, and skateboarder Doug Brown. Finding love and living life to the fullest. In a world that tries to teach us what we're supposed to be, Brown reminds us of who we are meant to be...ourselves.

"Looking Glass Self is laced with childhood memories, stories of those he encountered during his travels, love, compassion, role models, family, hope, and optimism. His words dive deep into the heart, leaving it soaked with a new sense of positivity. Stirring that level of motivation is not easy for anyone, but Brown does it with elegance and honor."
- Angela Workman, Wooster Weekly News


ABC Skateboard Day (BOOK)

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By Doug Brown - Category (FICTION - CHILDRENS)

Adventure from A through Z with a fun optimistic skateboarder.
Spend the day learning the alphabet while making good choices along the way.


The Skater's Night Before Christmas (BOOK)

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By Doug Brown - Category (CHRISTMAS - FICTION)

What's that? The sound of a skateboard on top of the roof being pushed by a reindeer hoof? Santa Claus is delivering his toys in a brand new way. He's loaded up skate goodies to the brim of his sleigh. This year Christmas will sparkle a surprise. When you peek out to see Santa you may not believe your eyes! Author, speaker and professional athlete Doug Brown brings you this new enlightening twist of a tale. A classic poem brought to life through the eyes of a Christmas enthusiast with a pen. Seeds of love for the holidays were planted at an early age by Doug's glowing mother that passed away when he was an impressionable teenager. Carrying the torch of appreciation for everything candy canes, jingle bells, and traditions, Doug brings you the eccentric Skater's Night Before Christmas to add to your holiday cheer.

Doug Brown Peppermint Christmas CD
Doug Brown's Peppermint Christmas album will sparkle a surprise to your ears.
Doug's original musical arrangements and guitar are bound to bring warmth and enjoyment to your holiday season.

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The Doug Brown DVD Box Set #91021

All three films are now available in this exclusive box dvd set! Solo, Bliss of the Unwind and Nucleus.

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Reconnected with the Case (Movie) #92022


Nearly 40 years ago, Detective Stevens was handed a case he never forgot. In this sequel to the 1986 Connected with the Case film... truth, lies, and the connection will get you, reconnected with the case. Includes the orginal Connected with the Case film.


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Doug Brown is a professional athlete, motivational speaker, and published author. Chances are you've seen Doug on NBC's Good Co. Today Show, at the Gravity Games, AST Dew Tour, or the Vans Warped Tour, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Brown is featured in the Ohio History Museum's Champion of Sports exhibit. From touring arenas with the band, The Newsboys, to visiting patients in hospitals as an all-star member of Athletes for Hope, Doug has proven to be more than just a pro athlete. Hidden behind his contagious smile and charisma, is a wide range of talents and a strong sense of determination. Doug’s professional skating career began at the 2002 Gravity Games when he caught the eye of his first paying sponsors. He quickly realized his hobby became his living after a whirlwind of extensive traveling, industry events, demos, contests, and personal appearances. While he maintains a strong commitment to his skateboard career, Brown does motivational speaking at schools, libraries, camps, commencements, and much more. Doug wholeheartedly believes in positive change and the importance of hope and optimism.

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"In a world where we see so much selfishness and pain, it's nice to see someone who is sharing his compassion and kindness"
- Stacie T - EWH Center

"Doug's message, emphasizing anti-drug activities, putting bullies in perspective and surrounding ourselves with quality friends was an inspiration to us all. He did a beautiful job relating to our audience, handling even the difficult subjects with
gentleness, prudence and grace.
- Franklin Twp. School, Principal

"Doug Brown has an unwavering commitment to helping others. We are very lucky to work with such a passionate and giving person. Thank you for all that you do for the community."
- Athletes for Hope

"Doug provided us with an excellent program. I'm still receiving feedback how delighted people were with his presentation. His optimism and enthusiasm are remarkable and motivating."
- Kathleen Jozwiak Director Orrville Public Library

"Doug's program was wonderful. He was very professional, personable and deeply connected to the audience. He went above and beyond with his preparation and graciously stayed late to converse with the audience and answer questions. I hope that we can schedule another program with Doug in the future."
- Kristie Donelson Ashland Public Library


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