Doug Brown Method Airwaves Podcast:
Professional skateboarder, author, and speaker, Doug Brown's Method Airwaves
Podcast is now streaming. From Star Wars to skateboarding and everything in between.

Episode 1 - Solo
Step into the world of Doug Brown as he bravely shares his life story. From the death of his mother to his leap into the world of becoming a professional skateboarder. Explore his philosophies and pull back the curtain to discover the man beyond the board.

Episode 2 - Star Wars
Get in your X-Wing with professional skateboarder, author, and motivational speaker, Doug Brown. Put your headphones on, and let the power of the force guide your way. The force is strong with Doug Brown after seeing the original Star Wars in the movie theater in 1977 for the first time. From Yoda to Darth Vader, Doug will discuss his love for everything Star Wars.

Episode 3 - Bullying
Professional skateboarder, author, and motivational speaker, Doug Brown tackles the topic of bullying. Bullying, schools, parents, students, speakers, suicide, empathy, courage, dignity, being yourself, the future, and solutions.

Episode 4 - 1980s
Doug Brown experienced his childhood in the 1980s, from seeing Back to the Future in the movie theater to breakdancing alongside a boombox cassette player. Doug takes you back to a neon time with stories that will totally bring radical and tubular memories from the gnarliest decade in history.

Episode 5 - Skateboarding
Discover the history and pivotal elements that brought us to modern day skateboarding. Doug Brown shares his philosophies and memories of skating that keep him on the board and four spinning wheels.

Episode 6 - Dream Big
Dream Big takes us on a voyage of self discovery through the eyes of motivational speaker, author, and professional skateboarder, Doug Brown. With messages of hope and optimism, you will be encouraged to find your voice and live life to the fullest.

Episode 7 - Mom Tribute
Doug Brown, professional athlete, speaker and author, pays tribute to his mother. Retracing memories and pulling at heart strings, Doug honors his mother's memory through candid words and sentiments.

Episode 8 - Layton Elementary
Doug Brown revisits Layton Elementary and pays homage to the teachers and years of 1979-1986. Take a trip down sentimental grade school memory lane, as Doug relives early memories that helped shape the professional skateboarder, author and speaker he has become.

Episode 9 - Movies
Let's all go to the movies. Pro athlete, author, and speaker, Doug Brown is making popcorn with extra butter. Doug will explore his favorite movies while reeling into the fun and history of cinema.

Episode 10 - Music
Escape on a musical journey with pro athlete, author, and speaker, Doug Brown. Tune into his favorite bands and philosophies on music.

Episode 11 - Into the Wild
Go on a nature exploration with professional skateboarder, author, and speaker, Doug Brown. Explore the importance of putting one foot in front of the other while being in the great outdoors.

Episode 12 - Teen Years
Join Doug Brown as he reads his book Speedy Entry: Advice for the rebel with a cause teenager. This professional athlete, author, and motivational speaker tugs at heart strings with advice for the struggling adolescent. Not far removed from those years, Brown relates his own life experiences with powerful words of wisdom.

Episode 13 - Pursuit of Happiness
Doug Brown finds the pursuit of happiness in the simple things in life. Following your dreams, making a difference, and paying it forward.

Episode 14 - This is Halloween
This is Halloween with Doug Brown, professional athlete, author, and speaker. Crawl into everything Halloween as Doug shares some of his favorite scary movies, traditions, and more. For the old and young, memories past and new. For the person with Halloween spirit, this was made for you.

Episode 15 - Christmas
Carrying the torch of appreciation for everything candy canes, jingle bells, and traditions, Doug Brown shares Christmas memories to add to your holiday cheer.

Episode 16 - Be Kind, Please Rewind
Be kind, please rewind. If you are unfamiliar with that phrase, pro skater and author Doug Brown will eject his memories of the VHS movie rental experience. Before you could Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and stream the world by the touch of your hand, there was Blockbuster Video.

Episode 17 - Pulse
Doug Brown puts his finger on his pulse that drives him to do what he does. From finding your heartlight to becoming who you want to be.

Episode 18 - My Music
There is more to Doug Brown than a piece of wood with four wheels. The piece of wood with six strings and a piano is also a life-long passion for him. Doug's virtuosity for composing will take you on a musical journey through his life.

Episode 19 - Meaning Of Life
Doug Brown explores the meaning of life. From relationships, family, love, and to the here and now.

Episode 20 - 20 Years!
Doug Brown has been riding this concrete wave professionally for 20 years. From touching lives, to traveling the globe, to giving and receiving inspiration. All from a piece of wood and four spinning wheels.

Episode Skate Mansfield Podcast
Doug Brown joins the Skate Mansfield podcast (audio and video) for an indepth 2 hour interview.