33 Classic Christmas songs arranged and performed on classical guitar
by Doug Brown.

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By Doug Brown 2015 - Category (CHRISTMAS - FICTION)

What's that? The sound of a skateboard on top of the roof being pushed by a reindeer hoof? Santa Claus is delivering his toys in a brand new way. He's loaded up skate goodies to the brim of his sleigh. This year Christmas will sparkle a surprise. When you peek out to see Santa you may not believe your eyes!

Author, speaker and professional athelete Doug Brown brings you this new enlightening twist of a tale. A classic poem brought to life through the eyes of a Christmas enthusiest with a pen. Seeds of love for the holidays were planted at an early age by Doug's glowing mother that passed away when he was an impressionable teenager. Carrying the torch of appreciation for everything candy canes, jingle bells, and traditions, Doug brings you the eccentric Skater's Night Before Christmas to add to your holiday cheer.

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