September 2nd, 2013
Photo by J.Thompson
and C. Haley

September 2nd. 2013
Today I got to take a photo and visit the original location where my first book cover photo was shot. The original photo was taken in September of 2006. I just started riding pro for Triple 8 Helmets and they requested a head shot for their team page. That was the purpose of doing the photo. A year later the photo ended up being used for an 18X24 poster with Negative One Griptape to which they produced thousands of them. Fast forward to 2009 after getting my first book deal it was time to make a cover. The publisher had a few ideas but I pushed for this photo to be used as the cover. Without a doubt this photo has been duplicated more than any other in my career. It was sentimental and fun to revisit the spot today.

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