August 29th 2011
Akron Hospital

August 29th, 2011 Akron Children's Visit
Today I had the unique opportunity to visit a young man that empowered extraordinary strength and courage. A week ago today his life took a turn in a moment due to an accident during gym class landing him paralyzed from the neck down. Upon entering the room a big smile was there to greet me and the connection was made. His father was so appreciative and stated it was the happiest he had looked. Sharing stories and talking about life with him and his father passed the hour. The maturity, strength, and optimism he had was truly remarkable. There was a reciprocal understanding in our conversation that no matter what happens in the future this isn't the end. His life can take many different directions but his state of mind and amazing resources will be key in his journey. Just yesterday he had over fifty visitors. The father's love for his son was something to see. He is surrounded by many friends and family that love him. For me, all I could give was my words of encouragement and support along with bringing a smile into the room. I had entered the room as the pro skater guy and left being a friend to him and his father. I left with a sense of fulfillment and pride. To see that already a week into this tragic dilemma they were going in full force with optimism being center stage. He was the star knowing his intellect and mindset will take him places, no matter what.

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