This may look like just a photo of a parking lot in downtown Cleveland. In fact, this is a very very special area for me. The Gravity Games came to Cleveland Ohio in late July of 2002. I went as a spectator but ended up getting the opportunity to skate and be seen. To make a long story short I was discovered by Bill and Judy Keuchel, they were representatives of my first paying sponsor. They saw me skate that day and took a chance on me, sending me to events, contest, and more. The doors started to open over the years and if it wasn't for spending that week at the Gravity Games back in 2002 I wouldn't be where I am today. Everything started right here in this location at the North Coast Harbor behind the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. I even competed in the pro events of the Gravity Games and AST Dew Tour a few years back which was located in this same location. 16 years later I look back with sentimental thoughts and thankfulness. All the travels, all the friends, all the skating, all the highs and lows, everything. I never ever forgot where I came from or where it all began. The seeds of my professional career were planted right here. Truly blessed.

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