This invoice is for the month of DECEMBER 2009 for sponsorship of Doug Brown Professional Skateboarder.
Doug Brown will perform the agreed upon requirements
listed below for $250 for per month of the 12 month sponsorship period.


Invoice Number 001 $250.00



Sponsorship Contract/Payment:
This contract is between Doug Brown Professional Skateboarder and Jack Panzarella w/ The Neon Group Inc.
The sponsorship shall run during the term of one year starting on this date of November 21st, 2009 and end on this date of November 21st, 2010.
Jack Panzarella shall pay Doug Brown $250 during the first week of each month for the full term of the year of 12 months equaling the sum of $3,000. If payment stops before the end of the terms legal action will be pursued. Checks must be pay to the order of Doug Brown and mailed to Doug Brown, PO BOX 1654, Wooster, OH 44691. Jack Panzarella will provide Doug Brown with ample product for use and for the purpose of promoting and advertising product.

Sponsorship Outline