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July 16, 2012 Class Reunion and Updates
On June 29th I got to revisit the location for the photo I took for my book cover of Beyond the Board. It was sentimental and fun to revisit the spot. Click here for full story. My Beyond the Board exhibit is still touring libraries. I've been speaking a lot at libraries promoting my new book, Looking Glass Self and hopefully spreading hope and optimism within others. On July 8th I had my 20 year class reunion. What a great great night with my classmates from 92. Hugs, handshakes, and dancing. Conversations about old times and rekindling friendships. Was truly a special evening with a group of people that played a significant role in my life. On July 10th I turned 39, not over the hill yet! I had an event that day speaking at the Orrville Public Library. It was actually a great way to spend my birthday. The event reinforced why I do what I do. Next week I'm flying to Southington Connecticut for a huge week of events. Till then! Doug


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