Doug Brown
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Skateboarder, Philanthropist, Published Author
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Feb. 29th 2012

What a day! 6am wake up to head out on the road. Torrential downpour. I'm to do 3 events in one day. 15 miles before the first school my muffler falls off. I'm in a residential neighborhood under the flood of my car hoping for a rig job, the whole pipe and muffler resides on the concrete to drag. With no luck I drive across the street to a preschool. I go inside and explain my dilemma. The preschool owner makes a phone call to her friend mechanic 7 miles down the road. My car is emptied of speakers, skateboards, suitcase, and all belongs for the 3 events today. I'm in a mini van now to which I have no idea who is driving me to the repair shop. From there the principal of the school I'm to speak to is in route to get me to the first destination. I'm to speak in 30 minutes so it's go go go. I'm completely drenched from head to toe but the show must go on. After the first two shows it was a sea of autographs and photos then to eating pizza in the car to the repair shop before the next school. Auto shop by this point has fixed my car and Google'd my website so I'm signing two posters for his kids. Now in my original car, sound gear, suitcases, etc. On route to the grade school. Why this story? It didn't matter what happened to me today on this journey. My destination was to reach all these kids and I was gonna skate down the rainy highway if I had to. Whatever it took. These kids had all brought skateboards for me to sign, printed photos of me from my website to sign, helmets, everything. Today was about them. Not me, not my failing muffler. Just my messages of hope and optimism and all the topics I tackle in my program. Special thanks to Dr.Meredith and Heather for the rescue. And especially to the hundreds of kids today for your undivided attention and respect. Much thanks! Doug


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