Doug Brown
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December 10th, 2011 Oklahoma Off Broadway Skatepark Grand Opening

Wow where to begin? Flew into Arkansas late last night. Was picked up by my crew, had a nice dinner then went to Poteua Oklahoma to the hotel. Today was amazing. Started off at the rec center with the opening ceremonies. I got to talk to the community then on to some lunch. The demo went great with Todd Harder as master of ceremonies. Lots of skating, product tosses and a full on contest. The rest of the day I spent under the tent signing posters, t-shirts, and skateboards and getting to meet the kids one on one. What a great event, was stoked to be a part of it and a big thanks to Todd and Lisa and the city officials in Poteau for making this happen. After the event they took us out to a nice dinner. We then went to the El Solecito Mexican store and even signed some autographs to the store owner and a little boy that was thrilled to meet us because his cousin was at the event but he couldn't make it so we made sure to give him some posters and put a smile on his face. I do events like this all over the country and this one had a spark, the kids, the families, the city officials...everyone was positive and was thankful for this new park. And its a great great skatepark, I'll be back in Oklahoma soon. I gotta catch a plane tomorrow so I'm off to bed. Till next time! Doug


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