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Wooster, OH. 44691


Doug Brown is a twenty-eight year old musician, entertainer, songwriter, and recording artist. Contained in Brown is a vast diversity of talents, combined with charisma and style. His venture into the music industry began around the age of nine where he performed lead roles with the Akron Children's Theater. As he matured, so did his talent and he has molded his vocal and instrumental talents to astonishing levels. Since the release of his third national album, "Nucleus" Doug Brown has ascended the throne of pop mainstream success. Summer 2001 Doug has released his fourth CD, Looking Glass Self. This CD is pop music of a remarkably ambitious and highly original kind. Impressionistic arrangements meet funky latin rhythms and syncopations that hearken the spirit of dance. His Nikazone release is being sold at all national On Cue Music chains, music stores, and through the Doug Brown Zone. With the help of radio, dance clubs, television, and publicity the CD has been continually selling out. The stylistic direction of his material is dance/pop. Doug plays all the instruments on all his recordings. He has four commercial albums to date. He's been trained in several years of jazz dance, theater, vocal, piano, and guitar. Doug's music has been distributed and heard internationally from New York, England, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. Recent credits include modeling spots, features in Scene Magazine, Hyp Magazine, England's Box Magazine, Impact Press, Music's Bottom Line publication, and a full production with back-up band, lights, and crew. Notably he has toured his album Magna Nova throughout the United States. After the commercial release of Nucleus Doug has teamed with the prestigious Lorrie Duquette and the Musicland Group for major promotions and sales. They are aggressively promoting Doug for airplay within the U.S., Tokyo, New Zealand, and the U.K. While hosting countless Cd signings and doing radio promotions Doug Brown remains secure and content with his career and visions. Credits include: Full time teacher of guitar and composition for ten years. Performed lead roles with the Akron Theater Group. Member of the Wayne Center of the Arts. Performances at variety venues, theaters, city events, live telethons, county fairs, and dance clubs. Featured entertainment at the 2000 American Cancer Society's Relay for Life benefit. Did backing vocals and arrangement for a Domino's Pizza radio commercial. Featured on a 2001 Boy Crazy trading card. Established international fan club, various web rings and a Yahoo fan club. Member of the Artist Direct Network. Looking For Something rated #2 on Lycos Music's top most downloaded songs with well over 47,000 downloads to date. Full discography includes 18 solo albums and 4 commercial releases with thousands of units sold.

Jazz dance, modeling, acting, musician, composer, arranger, producer.
Instruments - guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, lead vocal/harmony.
Teacher of guitar & composition (ten years).
Juggling, skateboarding, rollerblading.


Three years vocal instruction under Toni Arnold/College Of Wooster.
Three years jazz dance under Francine LeRoy/Seville Dance Studio.
Four years guitar and composition under Brad Shreve/Larry's Music Inc.
Two years piano instruction under Dorthy Winter/Independent.
Productions with Akron Children's Theater Group.
Productions with Wayne Center for the Performing Arts.
Productions with The Red Stocking Revue Theater Company.
Courses in technical theater and dramatic arts under SueAnn Drumm.
Recording/record producing under Kenneth Fisher/Studio 353.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Coat: 38
Shoe: 9.5
Waist: 29
Outseam: 39.5
Neck: 15/15.5
Sleeve: 31/32


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Doug Brown has delighted and entertained the world with his virtuosity, music, and style.
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"Looking Glass Self is an extraordinary excursion through the most modern and retro sounds of the electronic game. It's rare to find a top-notch guitarist doing 'non analog' music."
- Pete Knapp, President of Shuteye Records
"It's painfully obvious that Doug has fun making music and that you should have fun listening to it."
- Impact Press Magazine
"Brown can produce a current and relevant sound with an ear to some of the best dance music ever made."
- Andrew J. Tonn, The Daily Record
"Looking Glass Self is pop music of a remarkably ambitious and highly original kind. Impressionistic arrangements meet funky latin rhythms and syncopations that hearken the spirit of dance."
- Scene Magazine
"Skillfully interweaved with an American appreciation of rhythm rock intensity."
- C. Worthington, Blockout Magizine
"A great representation of Doug's versatility as a musician and his knowledge and progress in the areas of writing and producing."
- The Village Buzz