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Doug Brown Sun May 28 2000 8pm ET/ Transcript:

Doug_Live: Hello everyone - this is very cool to be here and all. This is new for me so please keep the questions going.
Doug_Live: Don't be affraid to ask me anything.

sweet_angel_4ever_2000 asks: I have your album Magna Nova, what is your favorite song on the Cd?
Doug_Live: Simple and sweet question, good start. Well it's like comparing children to me-
Doug_Live: Do I dare say I have a favorite? Well Get up Get Get out Get Down was the most fun to write,
Doug_Live: So if I had to choose it would probably be that one.

moelases asks: I saw on the site that Duran Duran was your favorite group, lots of 80's refrences?
Doug_Live: Yes- The Double D has been good to me growing up
Doug_Live: I think it was the fasion with that blend of syth sound, and Simon was such a cool front man,
Doug_Live: And don't get me going on there videos, I'm still very much a fan, they are still around -
Doug_Live: In fact I sent Nick my new Cd and hope to hear from him, so yes i'm an 80's child, and proud of it!

SUSIE_girl_2004 asks: Your Cd is sweet! And I think your a hotty! Why arn't you on MTV?
Doug_Live: well thanks- well no videos have been made for this album yet. Budgeting is always a problem.
Doug_Live: I could buy a new house for the price it cost to pull of a video, but all in good time I hope.
Doug_Live: I've made videos for other songs indepently but will unliky meet the public sorry.
Doug_Live: I would of course love to be on Mtv. Who wouldn't? Easier said than done.
Doug_Live: I kinda dig being in this "indy" music world instead of on the top charts and all.

bizkit_girl_4eva asks: Where can i hear more samples of your music online?
Doug_Live: In the multimedia part of the site you can find a few short clips.
Doug_Live: The whole mp3 thing has us a little freaked as we don't wanna give the music away.
Doug_Live: However we might be posting a song or two for download soon, some kind of exclusive for the net alone.

chair_girl83 asks: I really dig your album!
Doug_Live: Cool! You've made my day- If I could just get some of these critics on your side- Thanks!

itz_lindz asks: How can I get a record deal? Help?!
Doug_Live: I feel your pain- You arn't alone, this is a business, notice the word is bigger than music.
Doug_Live: A key to any success in the biz is a demo- a nice demo! I sent stuff everywhere for a long long time.
Doug_Live: People forget about the packaging too.
Doug_Live: You could have the best songs in the world but you have to have a nice presentation, spend a little money.
Doug_Live: To make money you have to spend money, when i first started making demos I saw zero profit.
Doug_Live: And get use to regection! Big time!! Most of all believe in yourself and your product- Good luck!

redjellybeans3 asks: Who are you!?!
Doug_Live: Oh good- a question I get from time to time- Since i'm not Madonna I can walk the streets.
Doug_Live: I love being at the stage i'm at - There are so many people in the music world that we think are nameless.
Doug_Live: I go to Camelot all the time and lift up a Cd and say "who is that?" And then think-
Doug_Live: See i'm not alone in this silly game. I have my small following and i'm very content with that.
Doug_Live: Oh yes by the way, I'm Doug Brown-

jen_46_2 asks: Do your friends treat you diifrent since you're famous?
Doug_Live: Wow, what a contrast in questions! See my ego is all messed up!
Doug_Live: My close friends are very cool with me and my music hobby.
Doug_Live: Thankfully i'm not big big so I can enjoy life, i like it that way and intend on keeping it that way really.
Doug_Live: My biggest issue would be trust though - that's a tuffy for me.

with_love_00 asks: What does Magna Nova stand for anyway?
Doug_Live: A magician can't tell all his secrets but it has something to do with a star and a crush on a girl I had once.

bizkit_girl_4eva asks: Are you married?
Doug_Live: No, not the girly questions, please...My love life is private. My manager always tells me to say I'm single.
Doug_Live: But that's not easy for me to do because I do have someone very close to me that I love dearly.

vertgirl99 asks: What is a day in the life of Doug Brown like?
Doug_Live: A question I get a lot. It really depends on what projects I'm working on.
Doug_Live: I love to sleep in. I'm very much a home body really, I do lots of home projects.
Doug_Live: At the moment I spend most of my time composing. Evenings are spend outdoors, I love a late night bike ride.
Doug_Live: I try to lead a normal simple life. I live like i'm 45 really, mowing the lawn and all.

dougfan101 asks: It's me, the link master, when will we see a new Doug Brown album?
Doug_Live: Hey you rule! You should be credited, love the lyric site, big time!
Doug_Live: New album- another question i recieve all the time.
Doug_Live: It's so funny after I finished Magna Nova the first thing people asked was, when's the next album?
Doug_Live: The good news is there will be another album! Lots of songs floating in my head now waiting to come out.
Doug_Live: It's always such a huge project, getting the right people and equipment together.
Doug_Live: Check the site for updates on that. I can tell you some tracks will be put down mid-summer.
Doug_Live: Thanks again for the way groovey site!!!

sline99 asks: Are you in a band or what? I read you do all your own instruments but what about live?
Doug_Live: If I had a dime for everytime I get that question!
Doug_Live: Yes I have a three piece band for live performances only.
Doug_Live: It's always been my style to record however alone, I do play all the instruments on all my recordings.
Doug_Live: Multitracking to me is a blessing, I love it. It's fun to create tracks after tracks.
Doug_Live: I've had people say, you should get in a band. To me that's like asking Lisa Loeb or Madonna to get in a band.
Doug_Live: I'm a solo artist - Like Alanis or Ricky Martin. Just plain ol' Doug Brown.

laura214 asks: Did you really do a Domino's commercial?
Doug_Live: I'm impressed- you really dug deep on Doug!
Doug_Live: Yes, one of my small claims to fame. Back in 92 I was at the right time at the right place.
Doug_Live: I was a regular at this recording studio where I grew up. These guys were writing jingles for Domino's.
Doug_Live: They were stuck for ideas. I poked my head around the corner, jumped on the keys, began to sing.
Doug_Live: The next thing I know I'm in the middle of this national recording for a commercial.
Doug_Live: The first time I heard it I was driving dowtown Cleveland, in the half time of a Brown's game. Big buzz for me.

girlio10 asks: I have your albums Emblem and Magna Nova but can't find any others, Do they exist?
Doug_Live: Very cool you have Emblem- lots of memories on those tracks.
Doug_Live: Unfortunaltly the others are not commercial. Most of the older albums of mine are really demos in disguise.
Doug_Live: It's true of done 20 albums, just not all nationally. Some of the work is kinda bare and not public worthy.
Doug_Live: In fact many of the tracks you have on Emblem were taken right from the masters of some older albums.
Doug_Live: That's how Emblem was born. Then it was time to do Magna Nova, now it's time for national release 3 soon!

dougfan101 asks: Do you have stalkers?
Doug_Live: Back again i see, well just you! Kidding!
Doug_Live: Get real, no, not yet. I have been followed a few times but the result was just a freindly autograph session.
Doug_Live: I do recieve some pretty strange mail though, i have stories...

jen_46_2 asks: Where do you see yourself in twenty years?
Doug_Live: In my backyard, juggling 5 balls, I can only do 4 now.
Doug_Live: Probably living similar to the way I am now. I just hope to have a few more albums under my belt.

spiceupBSB asks: How could you have 20 albums at your age?
Doug_Live: In refrence to the early question i'm assuming?. I'm only 26 yes.
Doug_Live: But I've been recording for many years. Agian only 2 of those 20 are public.
Doug_Live: The others are in hiding in a secret location for me and my ears, but they do excist I assure you.
Doug_Live: Some were really just demos that ended up with nice covers and all,
Doug_Live: The next thing I knew I had a collection of albums thus the Doug Brown Collection was born.

sweet_angel_4ever_2000 asks: Who is a woman you admire?
Doug_Live: Roseanne!
Doug_Live: My mother would have to really be at the top of the list. She's so brave and strong.

sweet_angel_4ever_2000 asks: What about childhood crushes?
Doug_Live: Hmmm. Wonder Woman. Oh boy did I wander about her? Linda Carter. Marsha Brady was hot too.
Doug_Live: Although Marsha was to old for me at the time. Tracey Gold was on the list.
Doug_Live: To think there was even a list then!

snowman19 asks: Do you have a favorite type of guitar you play?
Doug_Live: Yes I do- The Peavey Predator- All black strat style- yummy, simple and sweet, inexpensive not cheap!
Doug_Live: I tought guitar for many years so the instrument and I have quite a relationship.

vertgirl99 asks: Are you a romantic type of guy?
Doug_Live: As if I'd say no.
Doug_Live: Truthfully I am. Flowers and dinner, the whole bit.
Doug_Live: I think of a date as a sort of performance, she's the star and i'm the admirer, too bubblegum?

Calibaby asks: What are your favorite clothing styles and brands?
Doug_Live: Brands No. Styles Yes.
Doug_Live: I'm a thrifty guy really, I love to find those hidden treasuers for two bucks.
Doug_Live: Jackets are cool- they say somthing about you, more than pants I think?
Doug_Live: Shoes are a must too, I hate boring guy shoes, It's hard to find cool shoes but somehow I do.

moelases asks: What do you think of all these boy bands?
Doug_Live: Must I answer that? Hey they're doing there thing .
Doug_Live: The whole dancing thing is a little silly but that's just me.
Doug_Live: You never see these groups play any instruments, it's a little stale to me.
Doug_Live: I try not to be put in that category. But hey people can like whatever they want who am I to judge.

sline99 asks: When are you coming to New York? nice pictures by the way.
Doug_Live: Thanks. I have family there, maybe this summer.
Doug_Live: I'd like to play a club or two there, the dance scene in the city is hot, a lot of latin dance stuff is happining.

bigtrina2 asks: Can I be a backround singer on your next album?
Doug_Live: Sorry, affraid not- unless your Cher? But send a demo i'll take a listen.

Calibaby asks: So you skateboard, are you any good?
Doug_Live: I'm told I am
Doug_Live: That is something i've been doing for almost 14 years. I've done many compitions, a couple first place positions.
Doug_Live: I love it- i do the big ramps and all. I'm not a roll around kickflip boarder, i do the big ramps.
Doug_Live: Once a week I go to a sweet indoor park and hang out with a bunch of cool skate dudes.

linu2 asks: Michael Jackson first concert? That's funny.
Doug_Live: Yuppers- The king of pop was a huge influence on me, The whole star thing he had going was cool.
Doug_Live: It was in Cleveland, 5th grade. We had the worst seats on the planet- he was like a the size of a raison.
Doug_Live: The video screen and the sync of the voice were so seperate from the distance.
Doug_Live: Never the less it was very inspirational to see my childhood idle- heck I had the jacket, the doll, the cards.
Doug_Live: I still think his music is groovey, just the old-school Thriller stuff though. Tee Hee. I still moonwalk.

girlio10 asks: Arn't you too old to skateboard?
Doug_Live: No way! I plan on skating forever. All the pros are in their mid 30's.
Doug_Live: Look at Tony Hawk, 2 kids, 38. He's still the best!
Doug_Live: You must think i'm 50? I feel more like 16. I skate more now than I did in high school.

Calibaby asks: Tell us something no one knows about you.
Doug_Live: I'm a closet breakdancer.

with_love_00 asks: How did you get into music?
Doug_Live: I was in a proffesional children's theature growing up.
Doug_Live: I had to take dance lessons, vocal training. The works. Anyway I got many lead roles so the ego grew from that.
Doug_Live: In fact the first audition I ever did I got the lead role, it was Tom Sawyer.
Doug_Live: I fell in love with the audience. I felt more comfortable on stage, I still do.
Doug_Live: In grade school I got a 4-track recorder and starting making silly songs. My voice was so high then.
Doug_Live: Music was also always in my family anyway. We had a grand piano which I thought was just a toy at the time.
Doug_Live: It became an art over the years.

linu2 asks: Are you a model?
Doug_Live: Yes and no.
Doug_Live: I do a lot of photo shoots for my music but nothing to commercial yet.
Doug_Live: I have worked in the past with a few agencies. That's a sticky buisiness.
Doug_Live: I get offers but they always want the almighty dollar. Lots of those dollars. Too many!
Doug_Live: I dig doing the photos and all but my creative energy is always and formost towards the music.

SUSIE_girl_2004 asks: How do you handle bad reviews?
Doug_Live: Very good question.
Doug_Live: In this biz you get lots of them, especially if you're different, and I am.
Doug_Live: It does annoy you a bit, how can it not?
Doug_Live: It's always the same thing though, They're like a group of negitivism.
Doug_Live: Mainly guys seem to complain the most. I get these email from guys crabbing about this or that.
Doug_Live: I just brush it off my shoulder. I'm in the public eye with the site and my Cds so it's all part of the deal
Doug_Live: In one ear, out the other.

jen_46_2 asks: I see you have a fan club. How can I join?
Doug_Live: I use to cringe when I heard the word Fan Club. Ickk.
Doug_Live: My management team came up with the concept. At first I said no way- too bubblegum.
Doug_Live: But after it started it really took off. It was a great way to create community, a following.
Doug_Live: I've met so many really great people through it. It has been a nice boost for me.
Doug_Live: For all the negitives the positives in this have crushed those negitives. I've made many friends through it.
Doug_Live: Yes you're welcome to join "The Zone" we call it now (less bubblegum).
Doug_Live: Just go to the then to Contact, you're in.

chair_girl83 asks: What was the last movie you saw?
Doug_Live: Gladiator last night. Cool flick.
Doug_Live: I love movies! I hit the theatre weekly.

Calibaby asks: What do you do for fun other than skateboarding?
Doug_Live: Well movies, biking, I love to go to flea markets.
Doug_Live: Sometimes chilling at home is the best fun for me. It's my project central.

with_love_00 asks: Are you going to ever go on tour?
Doug_Live: As of right now we're just doing spotted gigs in the U.S. only.
Doug_Live: At the end of 1999 we toured clubs and found it to be very expensive.
Doug_Live: I love to play live, it's the best. But to get all the arangements together is a heavy task.
Doug_Live: It takes so many people to do a tour. I always make sure to do a club or two a month to stay fresh.
Doug_Live: The publicity through giging is always the best. I get to meet groovey people too.

vertgirl99 asks: Are you alergic to anything?
Doug_Live: Honestly no.
Doug_Live: Cats get my throat a little scratching from time to time, that's it. I sneeze loud though.

moelases asks: Do you beleive in aliens?
Doug_Live: Do you think i'm related to one perhaps? I hope not.
Doug_Live: Life on ther planets, yes. Tv looking aliens, no.
Doug_Live: This globe we are in is more than any of us knows. Good song perhaps? Thanks.

jen_46_2 asks: When do you write songs?
Doug_Live: Ohh goody, a music question. Mainly late late at night.
Doug_Live: When my mind is like jello. Melodies dance upstairs in my head. I pick up the guitar or piano.
Doug_Live: Then grab my cheapo tape deck and take down ideas. In fact I do that almost everynight.
Doug_Live: The good stuff comes when your not excpecting it. In the shower, on a long drive.

with_love_00 asks: Have you ever been boo'd?
Doug_Live: Ouch. What a question. No never been flat out booed. How do you spell that?
Doug_Live: I'd be lieing if I said every town I pulled up and played in loved me.
Doug_Live: When touring in 99 we played some bad egg gigs. People either love me or hate me.
Doug_Live: If the club is strictly country I'm in danger. We must always be carefull when booking are gigs.
Doug_Live: My show is very electric, lots of lights and dancing.

crstyeaston asks: Where were you when you first heard yourslef on the radio?
Doug_Live: Well it's not something that happens as much as I'd like it to.
Doug_Live: But I was in Akron Ohio, I was coming home from a club and the next thing i know
Doug_Live: I hear my song- it was computer matic off of Emblem. I was so tired I didn't think much of it.
Doug_Live: Then I said- wait that's not my tape deck- Oh my god - I'm on the radio. Yeah I freaked out a bit.
Doug_Live: It's such a buzz.

girlio10 asks: I really love your music! Will you be doing more techno songs on the next one?
Doug_Live: Some people love the mixes, some don't. I can't say that I will do any or not at this time.
Doug_Live: They're so fun to make because you don't need an outline- no lyrics to strain over, just fast cuts.
Doug_Live: I thought of making a whole album of mixes maybe for the future.
Doug_Live: For the next Cd time will tell.

crstyeaston asks: I've seen your site and you are hot. Ok the question What musicians do you admire?
Doug_Live: Thanks for the compliments -smiles-
Doug_Live: I love the Beatles, they're at the top of the musical influence list.
Doug_Live: Paul is my fav because he had such a long strew of hits. He keeps pumping out albums nearing 60.
Doug_Live: He was always my "musical" father. Or my Yoda? Yeah my yoda for sure.
Doug_Live: thanks again for checking out the site.

linu2 asks: How can I meet you?
Doug_Live: Yikes? The online thing freaks me out-
Doug_Live: Meeting strangers on the streets is not in the cards.
Doug_Live: However I will be appearing in malls doing Cd signings in the next month or so.
Doug_Live: Check the (shameless plug again) for the locations and dates.
Doug_Live: I'm really excited to do this mall thing- to meet and greet. Almost has a salesman vibe to it.

seeta_keeper asks: Are you related to the hockey player Doug Brown?
Doug_Live: No- I think there is a football player with that name too.
Doug_Live: Doug Brown- Not the most exciting name on the planet, But a colorfull name. get it?
Doug_Live: When I first went public I could have changed my name but everything ended up sounded so cheesy.
Doug_Live: I felt like I should go for simple- it's always best. I was named after a street - Douglas Street. Whoopie.

Doug_Live: Well my dear friends all good things must come to an end.
Doug_Live: This has been a blast, much more positive than I thought it would be.
Doug_Live: Thanks for tuning in and I hope we can do this agian.
Doug_Live: Take care- All my love , Doug.

StarEventMC: Thanks Doug and fans. Be sure to check the calander for future events.

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