From Franki Young FCP, Doug appeared in the July issue of England's popular BoxMag magazine.
  Erdington England
By Julie Wilson / Staff Writer
Article transcript used with permission by BoxMag.
  The 5th of June saw the release of 'Looking Glass Self' the newest and hottest release
from the American singer,songwriter and performer Doug Brown, through the US.
Musicland Inc. stores and the official web site, http:/ England
has become quite addicted to his music and I was luckily enough to get in touch with
Doug during the week of the album release, to get an insight to his newest creation.

Boxmag - What can your fans expect from this CD?
DOUG BROWN: My fans can expect a new blend of old school funk with latin and euro-pop. This cd
is unlike anything I've ever done in the respect it breaks many industry rules. I'm proud to push the envelope
in the music business. I've added live bass guitar on top of techno beats which has never ever been done before.
I'm making techno music bleed into latin and funk. The fans will be pleased I assure you!

Boxmag - "Looking Glass Self" has now given you your 4th national solo release - how does it feel?
DOUG BROWN: It's been quite a rollercoaster ride I must admit. When I started Emblem I figured it was the
height of my career, I said to myself, "This is it". Here I am four years later with thousands of fans, I'm traveling on cd promotion tours, I'm ranking high on internet charts, and I'm doing quite well on the radio over seas. So to say i'm
just happy with the past four years would be a great understatement. I'm in bliss over all that has come my way.

Boxmag - Do you feel any different about this CD, than any of your other work?
DOUG BROWN: Yes and no. Every cd I set out to challange myself and my musical ability as a singer-songwriter.
On the one hand I feel it's the best dance work I've ever done but a year ago I was saying the same thing with my
last release. My albums are my children and each is unique and each has presented challenges and memories.

Boxmag - Are we to think 'Looking Glass Self'  is a  reflection of you?
DOUG BROWN: I never set out to make this cd as a reflection of myself. However in listening to it just recently
it does come off as being a bit introspective. I think all my music has my blood running through it so I think it's
unavoidable to not have Doug Brown inside the songs. I write and record everything myself which creates a reciprocal
relationship between me and the songs. It's my art and I'm in there somewhere wether I like it or not.

Boxmag - Impossible Wallclimber is a re-vamped version of Wallclimber, what prompted the re-make?
DOUG BROWN: I like to rework old ideas. Especially if they are good ideas with more potential. I wrote Wallclimber
in 1995. At the time I only had a simple four-track recorder to produce it. The version on 98's Emblem was a demo
that deserved a new treatment. With now unlimited digital tracks it was time to go back to a song I loved and rework it.

Boxmag - Which song has become a personal favourite of yours, or do you find it hard to choose
one song over another?

DOUG BROWN: My songs are my children, do I dare choose a fav? I enjoyed working on some songs more than others
or some tunes came faster to me than others. I tend to like songs and albums more as they age. I know I will like Looking
Glass Self
more in ten years. It's like filming a home movie of an event in your life. Watching that movie years later you will
see it much differently than if you saw it right after you made it.

Boxmag - Did you find the songs almost writing themselves?
DOUG BROWN: Yes I did this round. More and more as a singer-songwriter I don't fight ideas. If something works I
stick with it. There was nothing insecure about the cd, Looking Glass Self. I imagine the song in my brain and then try
to project the song in recording. I really just allowed my creative juices and musical influences to flow into my
consciencness without any inhibition. I never push a song, it's important to let them take a life of their own.


Many thanks to Doug Brown for taking the time to give me an insight to his music and how he makes it.
He is a secure musician with a positive outlook on life and his career. Time will show us what all is hidden
in the vaults of Doug Brown's musical creations. He has a great road ahead of him which many fans will
follow him on.