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-- From:  stayqbee
Date:  Sat Mar 9, 2002  1:41 pm
Subject:  I have some
I have 3 diff articles scanned. Let me know if you want a copy Jenny

From:  jennyjumps10
Date:  Sat Mar 9, 2002  1:15 pm
Subject:  Looking For Something! Video pics anyone?
I saw the exclusive pics on the site from the video shoot. Does
anyone have any additional pics from that? Or any more press
clippings? I collect em all! Thanks jennyjumps10@y...From:  doug_club_president

  Wed Feb 27, 2002  3:51 am

Subject:  Chat Event Tonight
Hey everyone- Don't forget the chat event tonight at <a
href= target=new></a> it starts
8pm Est. <br> see you all there ~ Jewels


Date:  Tue Feb 26, 2002  8:00 pm
Subject:  VIDEO!!!!!!
Fans, I told you that I would keep you up to
date. Here is what is going on. Doug, starting shooting
today. He was great! He also had a lot of fun doing. I
wish all of you could have been there to see his. He
is great! There is still much more to do. There will
be another shoot, later on in the week! Hope to all
all of you at the chat event tomorrow. Doug, will be
more then happy to answer your questions! Talk to all
of there! <br><br>Chow!

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Sun Feb 17, 2002  4:03 pm
Subject:  The Music Video
The video will be for Doug's single "Looking For
Something". Shooting is scheduled to take place later this
month. As yet no other information has been given on
whether it will be available for download or to buy, as
soon as there is any more news I will let you all
know. <br> - Jewels

From:  stringpick
Date:  Fri Feb 15, 2002  3:40 pm
Subject:  Re: music video
I not sure of it but one of doug's songs will be
a music video but i'm not at liberty to say wich
one of his song's will be it because if i do doug
will probly kick my but (Right Doug You know you will)
well if anyone still thinks that i'm doug's stalker
think again.

From:  athena91602
Date:  Fri Feb 15, 2002  1:44 am
Subject:  Re: music video
What song is the video for? Will it be for sale? Can we call MTV? I have to get
my hands on this - and Doug Brown lol. Fill us in Fan Club Pres! Athena from

From:  tifferrrt
Date:  Thu Feb 14, 2002  5:20 pm
Subject:  Happy Valentine's Day Doug!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Your cube truly "Spins
Love!!!!" Looking forward to seeing your 2002 schedule
posted on the site soon!!<br> Much Luv & Peace,<br>
**The 80's Girl!!**

From:  flashkatt2000
Date:  Wed Feb 13, 2002  1:43 am
Subject:  music video
Fans! You asked for it and Doug, is working on
it. There is a potential music video in the making!
We don't have a release date. We will keep you up to
date on it. Doug, is doing a lot of traveling and has
many projects that he is working on. Come back often
for updates!

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Sun Feb 10, 2002  8:50 pm
Subject:  Spin Doug
Ready to play with Doug? Now is your chance.
Check out the new 'db cube' on the official site
<a href= target=new></a> Also
check out the new flash promo and quotes
under 'looking glass self'. All is well - Franki Young

From:  joyisluv
Date:  Tue Feb 5, 2002  1:45 pm
Subject:  Stay Joyful Doug!
Thank you for giving me the best day of my life,<br>so far! Your music makes me
"joyful".<br> joyisluv

From:  athena91602
Date:  Mon Feb 4, 2002  4:45 am
Doug is not just for teen girls! In fact his music isn't bubblegumish at all!
Just wanted to let the world know that there are women who listen to Doug
Brown! Thanks, Athena

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Sun Jan 27, 2002  3:42 am
Subject:  Doug Message.
A new feature has just been added to the official site, visit <a
href= target=new></a> and click
on the Doug message icon and listen to a personal greeting from Doug himself.

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Mon Jan 21, 2002  1:51 pm
Subject:  Re: Any local performances???
Doug only does big theatres and major club
venues. Doug doesn't do any local shows. This spring Doug
will most likely do a small west coast tour. Be sure
to check the tour pages often! Your best bet to see
Doug is at a cd signing which is almost always a
monthly event somewhere on the east coast. So as far as
the hometown small shows those days are well behind
Mr.Brown. Thanks for posting. Send any other questions to
dougbrownzone@y... ATTN:Franki

From:  tifferrrt
Date:  Sun Jan 20, 2002  6:42 pm
Subject:  Any local performances???
Waiting to see Doug perform soon
locally!!!!<br>Look forward to hearing your new cd later this
year!!!Remember 80's Rule!!!!"Don't dare to dream, but dream to
dare!!!!"<br> Peace& Luv,<br> The 80's Girl!!!

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Thu Jan 17, 2002  1:22 pm
Subject:  Doug #1 Position on!
Doug is in the #1 position on That's out of 469000 web pages!
That shows Dougs popularity. So thanks Doug fans for supporting the official
site! Franki FCP

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Sun Dec 30, 2001  12:26 pm
Subject:  New Web Poll
Visit the new web poll section at the zone
<a href= target=new></a> and
you can now vote on what you would like to
have as Doug's next single. <br>Also look for a review
of Looking Glass Self at
<a href=

From:  jennyjumps10
Date:  Thu Dec 27, 2001  2:31 am
Subject:  Doug Brown Skate Video!!!! Check It Out
O my god Doug fans! Some dude posted this video
of Doug skating at some skatepark - It rocks, check
it out! This guy has talent on the ramp and the
stage. Rock on Doug. Love Jen
<a href=

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Sun Dec 23, 2001  8:52 pm
Subject:  Christmas Message From Doug!
Dear Friends & Fans,<br>Thanks for all your
support.<br>It's been a crazy year. I never<br>thought I'd have
national distribution,<br>radio play, cd signings, and
thousands<br>of fans. It's all because of you.<br>Throughout this
holiday season you <br>will all be in my heart and
thoughts.<br>Thanks for being a part of my team,<br>Sincerely Yours,
Doug Brown

From:  willywonton
Date:  Mon Dec 17, 2001  2:14 am
Subject:  Chat Live With Doug Brown on Wed, Dec 19
From Franki Young FCP, <br>Chat Live With Doug
Brown on Wednesday, December 19th at 7pmET.<br>This
will be a special Christmas chat with lots of
important<br>Doug news so be sure to be there! <br>Also be sure to
sign the new message board at <a href=

From:  tifferrrt
Date:  Mon Dec 10, 2001  10:23 am
Subject:  Simmah down nah Nick!!
Hey Nick:"Simmah Down Nah!!!"<br>There can only be one "#1"---and that's Doug
Brown! Don't you agree??? <br> Peace & Love,<br>
**The 80's Girl**

From:  tifferrrt
Date:  Mon Dec 10, 2001  10:18 am
Subject:  A little jealous are we???
So, is it that you don't think Doug is VERY
talented or are you just a stalker???LOL<br>My message was
pure & simple:"Doug Brown ROCKS & is quite
gifted!"<br>Geez, hope I didn't "offend" you too much
hon!!<br>Didn't mean to step on your toes there "stringpick"!

From:  athena91602
Date:  Fri Dec 7, 2001  2:19 am
Subject:  Re: i was on the live interview
LOL ok you're Dougs stalker. But I'm his biggest fan allllll the way! I'd stalk
him but he's impossible to track down. I'll see ya at the chat event, Athena
from Cali.

From:  stringpick
Date:  Thu Dec 6, 2001  6:17 pm
Subject:  i was on the live interview
hey i was on the live interview with doug but I
could only call in and that's it that's the only thing
I could do and you may have heard of my name its
NICK doug's stalker. So now I'm famous :) yeah I'm
FAMOUS and I love it

From:  stringpick
Date:  Thu Dec 6, 2001  6:14 pm
Subject:  Nick Allen Style
Well 80's girl why do you think that on one can
fill doug's shoe's huh? and what the hell are you on
anyway because if your on smoething I want some of it
:)<br>Much Love nick the guy that was on the radio of the
cow who called in 3 times and is to be doug's stalker

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Tue Dec 4, 2001  1:26 am
Subject:  Doug's Live Interview Gets Top Downloads
Doug's live interview is featured on the front of at <a
target=new></a> Listed #2 for the first week of
December! Thanks for the downloads - Franki FCP

From:  brookedawson2001
Date:  Sat Dec 1, 2001  12:57 pm
Subject:  Prayers Answered!!!!!!!
THE WORD IS IN:<br>Chat Live With Doug Brown on Wednesday, December 19th at
7pmET. Now is your chance to ask Doug Brown everything you've ever wanted. See
you there! FCP Franki Young

From:  tifferrrt
Date:  Fri Nov 30, 2001  2:35 am
Subject:  80's Style
Doug rules!!!!!!!!!<br>No one can fill his sexy, talented shooz!!!<br>Don't
dare to dream, but dream to dare!!<br> Much Luv,<br>
The 80's Girl!!

From:  sarabegly
Date:  Sun Nov 18, 2001  1:41 pm
Subject:  Re: Anyone have Solo dance mix?
The Solo dance mix is in the mixing stage and
won't surface till christmas. As far as Doug posting he
is not officially associated with this club. Does he
visit this club? I would think so since it is linked on
the site. Maybe he'll post
something for christmas.

From:  curbiego
Date:  Sat Nov 10, 2001  3:08 pm
Subject:  Anyone have Solo dance mix?
Is there any Mp3s out there of the Solo dance
mix? I finally got the Bubble Boy Phipmo mix, it
rocks! Why doesn't Doug ever post anything? Does he see
this site since it is linked to the official site. We
love you!

From:  brookedawson2001
Date:  Tue Nov 6, 2001  11:52 am
Subject:  Get Looking Glass Self - It's the best..
I just ordered Looking Glass Self a week ago. Let
me tell you, this cd kicks ass. I have Nucleus which
was great. But Looking Glass took me deeper into Doug
Brown world. It's great to dance to. So Doug fans if
you havn't got this cd you need to get it!!!! Love
yall Brooke.

From:  sarabegly
Date:  Sat Nov 3, 2001  2:43 am
Doug had a review of Looking Glass Self in the magazine Impact Press. Click <a
target=new></a><br> to see a
portion of the review!

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Tue Oct 30, 2001  3:15 am
Subject:  Re: The Live Interview Rocked
The Live Radio Interview is now in the mp3 section on the offical site <a
href= target=new></a> - enjoy

From:  sarabegly
Date:  Sat Oct 27, 2001  9:14 pm
Subject:  Re: The Live Interview Rocked!
Good News! The interview will be in the mp3 section of the official site within
the week! Thanks

From:  brookedawson2001
Date:  Thu Oct 25, 2001  2:27 pm
Subject:  Re: The Live Interview Rocked!
Yes it did rock! I only heard the last hour though, I'm looking for a taped
version? Anyone have one email me at brookedawson2001@y... THANKS

From:  tifferrrt
Date:  Thu Oct 25, 2001  12:56 am
Subject:  80's Style!!!
Doug Rules!!!!!! Luv, THe 80's Girl!!

From:  kateskateus
Date:  Wed Oct 24, 2001  12:41 pm
Subject:  The Live Interview Rocked!
I hope everyone had the chance to hear Doug's live interview yesterday, I even
taped it! He seems like such a cool nice guy. His personality seems to fit his
music, rock on Doug! Kate.

From:  rollerworldparma
Date:  Tue Oct 23, 2001  12:25 pm
Subject:  I heard the chat event is monthly?
If any one knows the next chat date post it. Remember Doug is on the radio

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Wed Oct 17, 2001  4:30 pm
Subject:  Live Doug Interview
Doug will be doing an interview live on WCWS
90.9FM College of Wooster, Tuesday 23rd October between
4-6pm ET.<br> Anybody outside of the listening area can
hear it by the RealAudio stream link located in the
newsletter dated 10/17/01 at <a href=

From:  athena91602
Date:  Wed Oct 17, 2001  2:10 am
Subject:  Great Chat!
It was great to chat with Doug live finally! I hope the official site has them
more often. Maybe like a monthly event or something. Rock on Doug and friends.
Love, Athena

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Sun Oct 14, 2001  4:07 am
Subject:  Live Chat With Doug Tonight
Don't forget to have your questions ready for tonight's live chat with Doug at
7pm EST at <a href=
target=new></a> chat room,<br>see you all there.

From:  athena91602
Date:  Fri Oct 12, 2001  1:21 pm
FROM OFFICIAL SITE:<br>CHAT live with Doug Brown
on Sunday October 14th at 7pm ET. The chat event
will take place at <a href=
target=new></a> - So come
October 14 at 7pm be sure to have all your Doug questions
ready. He looks forward to chatting with all of you.
Thanks, Franki Young FCP

From:  bradpitts_chick
Date:  Sun Oct 7, 2001  4:14 am
Subject:  Dougs Music Goes Down Under On TV
Its true listen out for more details. I am an
Aussie chick living in Perth and I am friends with a
film and commercial director, who is interested in
Dougs music. All of you out there who love Doug e-mail
me at bradpitts_chick@y... and tell me and my
friend why Dougs music should be the go for a commercial
and try and convince the company to make Dougs Music
the go!!!!! luv nic

From:  freakazoidsandrobots
Date:  Sat Oct 6, 2001  9:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Doug working with DJ Phipmo of RCA
The song was for clubs but I just got Looking Glass Self and the Bubble Boy
remix is on it! So apparently the newer shipments of the Cd include the song.
It is a phat track!

From:  jkimlot
Date:  Sat Oct 6, 2001  2:50 am
Subject:  Re: Doug working with DJ Phipmo of RCA
Where did you get this song? I thought the Bubble Boy remix was for club
release only? Maybe you have an Mp3 of it? Let me know Chrissy, Thanks, J.Kimlot

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Thu Oct 4, 2001  2:22 am
CHAT live with Doug Brown on Sunday October 14th
at 7pm ET. The chat event will take place at
<a href= target=new></a> - So
come October 14 at 7pm be sure to have all
your Doug questions ready. He looks forward to
chatting with all of you. Thanks, Franki Young FCP

From:  jkimlot
Date:  Wed Sep 26, 2001  1:34 am
Subject:  Doug has the hottest voice!
I went to the Cd tour at Green Tree Mall in
Clarksville IN. Doug was so sweet and spent the time to talk
to the fans and sign autographs. Check out the
picture I took from the show on the photo section. Love
your voice Doug. The CD rocks! Love, Jenny Kimlot:)

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Mon Sep 24, 2001  4:09 pm
Subject:  Doug Is #2 On Lycos Top 10
Looking For Something has reached #2 in the top 10 downloads on <a
href= target=new></a> <br> A remix
version of Music Makes Me is set for a national club release from next month.

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Sun Sep 23, 2001  2:10 pm
Subject:  Re: Where is the live CD???
Everybody wants the live cd! This CD is not for
sale and can only be obtained by the contest on the
official site. The CD contains 9 songs and was recorded at
a New York club in early 93 before Doug hit the big
time. It contains early Doug work, Beatle songs, and a
few guitar jams. The Cd hasn't been released for
legal and copyright issues. The Doug Brown Zone does
choose a winner weekly so keep trying! Thanks, Franki
Young FCP. <a href=

From:  brookedawson2001
Date:  Thu Sep 20, 2001  1:53 pm
Subject:  Where is the live CD???
I been trying for months to win the Doug Live Cd on the official site. Does
anyone have it and what's on it? Where was the concert? Hook me up! Thanks, Tex

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Fri Sep 14, 2001  2:49 am
Subject:  Our deepest sympathies
Words cannot express our feelings on this
terrible, terrible tragedy. We hope all of you and your
families and friends are safe and are there to support one
another. Our deepest sympathies go out to all who have
suffered a loss. Take care of yourselves. Franki Young
FCP/Doug Brown

From:  willywonton
Date:  Sun Sep 9, 2001  6:52 pm
Subject:  New Doug Pics Posted In Club!!!
Check out the new pics donated from The Doug Brown Zone exclusively for this
club! Click Photos then NEWEST DOUG BROWN PHOTOS.

From:  jinxy_73213
Date:  Sun Sep 9, 2001  2:14 pm
Subject:  Doug Brown is the nicest guy I ever met!
I met Doug in Kentucky on his Looking Glass Self
promo CD tour. He was so nice and took the time to sign
autographs for me and my friends. I think Doug's music is
different from anything else out there. My friends and I
really like it! So Doug if you'e out there we love

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Thu Sep 6, 2001  4:10 pm
Subject:  Re: Is Doug's song Bubble Boy in a movie
Unfortunately no - Doug's song 'Bubble Boy' isn't in and hasn't got anything to
do with the new film 'Bubble Boy'.

From:  flippydippy2001
Date:  Tue Sep 4, 2001  11:57 am
Subject:  Is Doug's song Bubble Boy in a movie?
The new movie Bubble Boy is in theaters, Is Doug's song Bubble Boy in it or
have anything to do with it? Thanks, Cali.

From:  chrissymiles
Date:  Tue Aug 21, 2001  12:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Doug working with DJ Phipmo of RCA
Heard the Bubble Boy remix - It's phat. Get a hold of this track! Looking for
old Doug Brown recordings, if you have any for sale send an email to
chrissymiles@y... Thanks peeps.

From:  sarabegly
Date:  Mon Aug 20, 2001  10:10 am
Subject:  Doug in England's Box Mag Magazine
Check out Doug in Box Mag Magazine:<br><a

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Thu Aug 9, 2001  1:23 pm
Subject:  Bubble Boy Remix Gets NYC Club Debut!
The new dance remix of Bubble Boy has made it's
debut at New York City's premiere nightclub, Le Bar
Bat. The single was produced by Doug and renown Dj
Phipmo. The single is only available for club release
however the Doug Brown Zone notes it will be giving away
copies in the contest section of the official site.
Franki FCP

From:  jennyjumps10
Date:  Mon Aug 6, 2001  12:46 pm
Subject:  Re: Love Looking Glass Self :)-
Fav song is Spin Love. Rockasaurus is about the imagination I think. Looking
forward to seing you at Bridgepark Mall!!!! See ya then! Jenn.

From:  eve_tommygrl
Date:  Wed Aug 1, 2001  8:34 pm
Subject:  I love the new cd! This one rocks!
I been spinning this cd everynight non-stop. Latin Funk Techno, go Doug it's
your birthday. GET THIS CD PEEPS! Lots o Love~ Eve

From:  athena91602
Date:  Wed Aug 1, 2001  7:38 pm
Subject:  Re: Mall Events
The Mall events taking place during August will
be held at the following stores:-<br><br>Waves
Music, Montgomery Mall, Bethesda MD.<br>Sam Goody,
Fayette Mall, Lexington KY.<br>Sam Goody, Huntington
Mall, Barboursville WV<br><br>but as yet no dates has
been confirmed <br><br>When will Doug and Co. be going
to the west coast??????

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Mon Jul 30, 2001  5:21 pm
Subject:  Mall Events
The Mall events taking place during August will
be held at the following stores:-<br><br>Waves
Music, Montgomery Mall, Bethesda MD.<br>Sam Goody,
Fayette Mall, Lexington KY.<br>Sam Goody, Huntington
Mall, Barboursville WV<br><br>but as yet no dates has
been confirmed

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Fri Jul 27, 2001  1:41 pm
Subject:  Re: Doug working with DJ Phipmo of RCA
The songs will be for club release only however a selected track will be
available on the official site soon for MP3 download. Thanks Franki FCP

From:  jennyjumps10
Date:  Thu Jul 26, 2001  3:03 am
Subject:  Re: Doug working with DJ Phipmo of RCA
o man how can I get this CD???

From:  willywonton
Date:  Tue Jul 24, 2001  9:55 pm
Subject:  Re: Rare Doug Brown
There have been many request to reach Doug through his site and this club. He
will get the email directly if you go here - <a

From:  chrissymiles
Date:  Tue Jul 24, 2001  2:23 pm
Subject:  Rare Doug Brown
I've tried to reach Doug with no success, how can I get a hold of this hot
guy???? HELP, Doug if you are out there find me!

From:  athena91602
Date:  Sun Jul 22, 2001  3:08 pm
Subject:  Where is Doug?
Does Doug ever visit this club? It would be nice for him to post something! I
know it's linked on his official site. We love you Doug!! Post something for
us! Love, Athena

From:  rollerworldparma
Date:  Wed Jul 18, 2001  2:17 pm
Subject:  Re: club chat
According to Fan Club Pres Franki Young it's going to be early August on the
official site at <a href=

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Sun Jul 15, 2001  6:30 pm
Subject:  Doug working with DJ Phipmo of RCA
Doug will be making some phat dance mixes with
legendary dj, Dj Phipmo of RCA records. Songs of Bubble
Boy, Funtonica, Music Makes Me and some others will be
made for exclusive club release. Fans bootleg away!
Franki FCP

From:  doug_club_president
Date:  Fri Jul 13, 2001  4:10 am
Subject:  Mall Appearances
Doug will be doing several East coast mall
apperances which are scheduled for mid August, for locations
and dates be sure to check the mall calenders at Sam
Goody, Waves Music and On Cue. Doug will be doing an
accoustic set featuring songs from Emblem right through to
Looking Glass Self.

From:  chrissymiles
Date:  Wed Jul 11, 2001  12:51 pm
Subject:  Re: Trivia Again!
Poetic Justice was his solo projects before he went solo. Valkava was the band
he was in when he was in high school, they toured rolling rinks and had one
independant release.

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Sun Jul 8, 2001  6:29 pm
Subject:  Doug Brown Birthday
Everyone wish Doug a happy birthday July 10th! It's been a great year for
everyone at "The Zone". There will be many more exciting news ahead, stay
tuned! Franki FCP

From:  trubl2828
Date:  Sat Jul 7, 2001  10:57 pm
Subject:  Re: No Doug Fan Here
Brimson,<br>I dated Doug as a teenager and he was
and still is the "real thing". He loves what he does
and will til the day he dies. His music comes from
the heart there is NO ACT ABOUT IT!!<br>Love your
music Doug!!

From:  sinderella_9000
Date:  Sat Jul 7, 2001  4:01 pm
Subject:  Re: No Doug Fan Here
I've also known Doug for awhile too, he is a real
down-to-earth guy and is an extremely talented artist. I was
wondering Bimesom if you'd ever heard any of Doug's music?,
because i'm sure that if you did you wouldn't be so quick
to criticise him or his work again, ALL us fan can't
be wrong can we!?, so he must be doing something
right.<br>Thanks for the great music Doug.

From:  flippydippy2001
Date:  Sat Jul 7, 2001  2:21 am
So Do I! Thanks for the music Doug! Everybody wish Doug a Happy Birthday July

From:  mytuffcamaro
Date:  Fri Jul 6, 2001  5:36 pm
Subject:  Re: No Doug Fan Here
Bimesom, I haven't asked questions about doug in
here, if I have a question, I will ask Doug! We were in
a rock band together as teenagers, and if you don't
know him, then do not jeer him, oh, you can look that
word up if you're not sure what it means. Doug LOVES
his fans and wants to make them happy, as well as,
putting on a good show. Doug is not about NOT being
himself, he has always been a star! Ya know, even Jon Bon
Jovi had people like you telling him that he couldn't
and wouldn't make it, wow, what if he'd listened to
them? And as for you, I pray that you have a good sense
of who you really are. Because nothing you say is
ever gonna make much difference to Doug, or anyone
else in this club......funny, you are putting a good
thing in to his cause by just being a member! LOL,
that's cool, dude!

From:  rollerworldparma
Date:  Fri Jul 6, 2001  4:18 pm
Subject:  Re: Trivia Again!
It was called Poetic Justice I think. I know he's made over ten indy albums
before he hit the big time. Love & Peace Doug Peeps.

From:  flippydippy2001
Date:  Fri Jul 6, 2001  5:53 am
Subject:  Trivia Again!
Does anyone know the name of the band Doug was in during high school? I heard
there are some tapes floating out there. Happy Birthday by the way! Cali

From:  electricbarbie77
Date:  Fri Jul 6, 2001  5:19 am
I love Doug Brown, no I don't know him personally but I love his music,
especially his new album. Love from Florida.

From:  mytuffcamaro
Date:  Thu Jul 5, 2001  10:15 pm
Subject:  Re: where doug was born
WOOPS, lol, I knew that, cripe, I am getting old. Doug is FROM Wooster, Ohio,
lol,sorry about that!

From:  curbiego
Date:  Wed Jul 4, 2001  4:11 pm
Subject:  Re: where doug was born
No - he was born in Columbus Ohio, in fact his birthday is July,10th! Yippie!

From:  athena91602
Date:  Wed Jul 4, 2001  5:10 am
Subject:  Re: Doug Brown Trivia?
Where was Doug born?

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Tue Jul 3, 2001  1:22 pm
Subject:  Doug Brown Trivia?
The club is looking to start some trivia of Doug Brown. How much do you know?
Feel free to post your Q & A. Thanks FCP

From:  nothingoinon_1974
Date:  Mon Jul 2, 2001  4:08 am
Subject:  Re: Love Looking Glass Self :)-
I think it's about his childhood or something? I think the best song is Get On
the Right Thing, Very Very Kewl! We love you Doug!!!

From:  luvnkisses4me
Date:  Sun Jul 1, 2001  12:25 pm
Subject:  nice chat
nice chattin with you dougy can i be your #1 groupy? LOL j/k :)

From:  jinxy_73213
Date:  Sat Jun 30, 2001  1:03 pm
Subject:  Love Looking Glass Self :)-
I just got the new cd yesterday - I love it! I think Rockasaurus is my
favorite, what is it about though? Doug or anyone fill me in lol. Thanks for
the great music Doug. Jinxy

From:  willywonton
Date:  Sun Jun 24, 2001  1:57 pm
Subject:  Re: I can't reach Doug!!! HERE IS HOW
There have been many request to reach Doug through his site and this club. He
will get the email directly if you go here - <a

From:  eve_tommygrl
Date:  Sat Jun 23, 2001  7:26 pm
Subject:  Looking for CDS!
I have the last 2 albums but can't find Magna Nova or Emblem anywhere. Does
anyone know where to get them? I'm willing to pay for a copy. If you have one
email eve_tommygrl@y...

From:  jade1855
Date:  Fri Jun 22, 2001  12:43 am
Subject:  Oh them HS Days
I also knew Doug back in High School. I'd just like to say way to go Doug!

From:  dougclubpres
Date:  Wed Jun 20, 2001  7:08 pm
Subject:  #6 On Lycos
Looking For Something has reached #6 on Lycos for top rated song. Thanks to
everyone who's been voting. <br><a href=

From:  dougclubpres
Date:  Mon Jun 18, 2001  6:10 pm
Subject:  Doug Is #3 On Lycos Top 10
Looking For Something is now ranked at #3 in the top 10 most downloaded songs
on lycos music.<br> CD signings are also being scheduled for sometime in mid

From:  dougclubpres
Date:  Wed Jun 13, 2001  4:28 pm
Subject:  Re: I can't reach Doug!!!
As far as I'm aware, the address on the site is
the only email address to contact him by, but Doug
has been very busy the last few months with the
preperation and the recording of his new cd Looking Glass
Self. so try writting again, at
dougbrowncd@h...<br>let me know how you get on - <br>Jewels

From:  milesstonedavis
Date:  Wed Jun 13, 2001  3:04 am
Subject:  I can't reach Doug!!!
Does anyone know how to contact Doug other than
through the email address on his official site? I've
tried emailing him through that but I can never get a
reply! Help?! If anyone has any other email addys to
reach him at let me know! Thanks!

From:  sinderella_9000
Date:  Sun Jun 10, 2001  6:45 pm
Subject:  Re: I love the CD!!!! Doug Rocks!
I totally agree the album is excellent, I
received my CD a few days ago.<br> I love Music Makes Me
and the Doublebee mix but especially the new up-dated
version of Wallclimber. If you've not got a copy yet your
missing out on Doug's hottest work ever.<br>Doug thanks
for the great music.

From:  rollerworldparma
Date:  Sun Jun 10, 2001  1:51 pm
Subject:  Re: I love the CD!!!! Doug Rocks!
I was very pleased with the new album as well!
Doug is an amazing talent. To do all the instruments
on his own. This cd has it all, if you don't have it
yet get it ASAP! <br>Track listing:<br>1.Looking For
Something<br>2.Rockasaurus<br>3.Music Makes Me<br>4.Take Me As I
Wallclimber<br>6.Solo<br>7.Spin Love<br>8.Cha2 Interlude<br>9.Merengue
Everyday<br>10.Get On The Right Thing<br>11.Doublebee Mix

From:  lemmon2000le
Date:  Thu Jun 7, 2001  1:31 pm
Subject:  I love the CD!!!! Doug Rocks!
Just wanted to let you all know that the CD rocks! Rockasaurus is a hot track
along with the revamped Wallclimber. I'm one happy costumer. Thanks for the
music Doug.

From:  athena91602
Date:  Wed Jun 6, 2001  12:36 am
Subject:  Re: I GOT THE NEW CD!!!!
Ditto Kim! I got it at the sam goody store here - I'm lovin the Rockasaurus
tune. I like the inside pic too. Rock on - Athena

From:  kimmy007usa
Date:  Tue Jun 5, 2001  3:05 pm
Subject:  I GOT THE NEW CD!!!!
I got the new CD folks - It rocks!!! I think it's the best album he has done
yet! You guys are gonna love it - Kim

From:  dougclubpres
Date:  Mon Jun 4, 2001  10:10 am
Don't forget tonight's Live chat event with Doug at 8pm EST. being held at <a
target=new></a> -chat room<br> - see you all there

From:  willywonton
Date:  Fri Jun 1, 2001  5:08 am
Subject:  Doug Ranks #8 on Lycos TOP 40!!!
Doug's hot new single "Looking For Something" is ranked #8 on Lyocs music.

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Thu May 31, 2001  4:14 am
Subject:  LIVE CHAT WITH DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doug is scheduled to do a live chat event on June 4th at 8pm ET. to celebrate
the release of Looking Glass Self. So mark your calanders for this event to be
held at

From:  athena91602
Date:  Wed May 30, 2001  2:14 am
Subject:  Re: Has anyone heard the new cd yet???
I've downloaded Looking For Something from the zone. If the rest of the songs
on the cd sound like this one you'll love it! It's gotta great dance beat. Some
good latin sounds also. ~Athena

From:  electricbarbie77
Date:  Tue May 29, 2001  2:00 pm
Subject:  Has anyone heard the new cd yet???
Just wandering if any advance copies of looking glass self are out there? If so
drop me a review! I can't wait to get it. Peace -

From:  dougclubpres
Date:  Sat May 26, 2001  5:53 am
Subject:  Impossible Wallclimber
The Impossible Wallclimber is the new improved "special edition" version of the
original Wallclimber. but the songs subject is the same.

From:  willywonton
Date:  Sat May 26, 2001  4:50 am
Subject:  DOUG is rated #1 on Lycos Music/Euro-Pop
Doug's new single, Looking For Something is now
the number one top rated song on Lycos Music under
EURO-POP. NOTE: Doug is scheduled to do a live chat event
on June 4th at 8pm ET. to celebrate the release of
Looking Glass Self. So mark your calanders for this event
to be held at!

From:  curbiego
Date:  Wed May 23, 2001  2:50 pm
Subject:  Re: Looking Glass Self Track Listings
Thanks for the tracks listings! Is the song Impossible Wallclimber a remake of
his other song wallclimber from Emblem? If so could be cool! Peace and Love
Doug and all.

From:  rollerworldparma
Date:  Tue May 22, 2001  5:24 am
Subject:  Love "Looking For Something"
Everyone go to the MP3 section at You will love the free mp3
song off the new cd. I can't wait to get it!

From:  dougbrownzone
Date:  Sun May 20, 2001  9:03 pm
Subject:  JUNE 5th!
It's official, June 5th Looking Glass Self will
be available at <a href=
target=new></a> You
will also be able to purchase the CD at any Musicland
stores including On Cue,Media Play, and Sam Goody. Check
out the hot new single "Looking For Something"
<a href=
br>Thanks Franki

From:  eve_tommygrl
Date:  Sun May 20, 2001  8:02 pm
Subject:  When O when is the new cd available???
I'm wanting to order the new cd but there isn't a release date? I went to the
official site to get it but it said shipping in June? If anyone knows post
please! Thanks, Eve.


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