FYI: Fun Facts About Entertainer Doug Brown 2003 Nikazone
Doug is a professional skateboarder and rides for six companies.
Doug is an accomplished juggler.
Doug is the owner and manager of db Skateboards.
His first major role in a professional play was Tom Sawyer at age nine.
He has done the arrangement and backround vocals for a national Dominoes commercial.
Doug plays all the instruments on all 22 of his albums.
His skateboarding talents appeared on Much Music from the Gravity Games in 2003.
In high school Doug owned and managed a skateboard shop.
Doug has been an accomplished skateboarder and has won many first place trophies.
His first original recordings began when he was only in the sixth grade.
Doug was featured on a 2001 Boy Crazy trading card on sale at all Target and Spencer's.
He has 18 solo albums and 4 commercial releases to his name.
His song 'Looking For Something' reached the #2 spot of top downloaded songs on Lycos.
Doug has taught music and composition for over ten years.
He has studied technical theater and dramatic arts under SueAnn Drumm.
Doug's training backround includes several years of jazz dance.
Doug toured the United States in 1998 playing major theatres and clubs.
He can play the guitar, bass, piano, drums and vocals, all at astonishing levels.
Doug's mother was an accomplished pianist and his father had a trained classical ear.
His modeling credits include Z Model and Nikazone Entertainment.
Doug has done music for countless radio commercials.
His skateboarding talent appeared in a tv commercial in 1994.
Doug sang with E.T. in 1983 with the Red Stocking Revue theatre company.
Doug was the featured entertainment at the 2000 Amercian Cancer Society benifit.
-In 2000 Doug launched a national cd signing tour of malls, record stores, and book stores.
Music from all 4 of his commercial releases have had major club distribution.
His senior year in high school he won the talent show while dancing, juggling, piano,
---playing guitar, and singing.
Doug's music has been distributed and heard internationally from New York, England,
---Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.
His music has been featured in Scene Magazine, Hyp Magazine, Box Magazine,
---Impact Press, Music's Bottom Line publication, & many other publications.