"In a world where we see so much selfishness and pain, it's nice to see someone who is sharing his compassion and kindness"
- Stacie T - EWH Center


Motivational speaker Doug Brown brings you his engaging program. With messages of hope and optimism to achieve your dreams, Doug will discuss a range of topics from literacy and bullying to staying drug free and much more. The presentation is touring libraries, schools, hospitals, and other functions. Open to all ages.
Drug & Alcohol Awareness - Bullying - Literacy - Education Awareness - Setting Goals - Suicide Prevention - Depression - Leadership - Character Development - Skate and Bike Safety. Open to all ages.

"Doug's message, emphasizing anti-drug activities, putting bullies in perspective and surrounding ourselves with quality friends was an inspiration to us all. He did a beautiful job relating to our audience, handling even the difficult subjects with gentleness, prudence and grace."
- Franklin Twp. School, Principal

"I'm attracted to dreamers, people that think outside the box of the normal. That outcast, that person marching to the beat of their own drummer has a spark. When I'm at a skatepark and I see someone doing something original and expressive without following the mundane trick selection everyone else is, that individual gets my respect. I love creative individuals. Heart is involved in original thought. Followers and clones can't bring change or individuality. Whether it be skateboarding or a painting. Let's be artists in this life, it's everything. Be yourself."
- Doug Brown

"Doug Brown has an unwavering commitment to helping others. We are very lucky to work with such a passionate and giving person.
Thank you for all that you do for the community."

- Athletes for Hope


If you would like to book Doug Brown for press, events, contests, demos,
speaking, and personal appearances please contact Hilary Schlegel with Cali Sports Agency.

Email: hilarycalisports@yahoo.com
Hilary Schlegel for Cali Sports Agency
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