Authored by: Doug Brown

This isn't a story about skateboarding. This is a story of how I found myself through skateboarding. You won't find a focus on my skate maneuvers or a book of trick tips. It's all irrelevant what companies I represent or the accolades that come with skating as a profession. It's been a time line of self discovery, experience, and communication. The bulk of these writings took place in airports while on long layovers or hotel rooms while on the road. I wrote out my thoughts using a pad of paper here, the back of a menu waiting for room service there. Looking back, I hold this time of my life dear to my heart and never want to forget it. As much as I want to write it for my own satisfaction, I write it also to share with anyone who wonders how a person gets to this point in his life. Like most people, I've had some highs, had some lows and experienced a lot of things. Lucky for me, I've done it through something I love, skateboarding. In this world of skateboarding I have found self worth, freedom, friends, travel, adventure, and a dream career. Living life we all have a story to tell. This one is mine.

Available Summer 2009


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