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February 8th, 2012 Quicken Loans Arena, New Poster and Tribute to Mom

I have been busy. There aren't enough hours in the day for my life and not enough room on this page to list what I've been up to. I'm still visiting schools weekly. The event at Q Arena was awesome it was great to have the opportunity to speak to so many people. Connecticut's Outbreak Boards has really been behind the promotion of my new pro model even releasing a new poster for skate shops. The new deck is a tribute to my mother for those who don't know. I had dinner with my father the other night and got some more insight on the medallion necklace my mom use to wear. Click here to read more. I do keep my mothers memory alive in my travels. I've recently did a photo raising awareness for cancer. Click here to read more. I just got a proposal to do an event speaking and skating in the Ukraine this year. Keeping busy and staying positive. Join me on twitter www.twitter.com/dougbrownskate and facebook at www.facebook.com/skatestraight Till next time, Doug

Janurary 20th, 2012 Two Schools in One Day

What a day. Two schools in one day. Started off leaving at 6am through the back snow covered roads of Ohio to visit first a high school then to a middle school. Many of the schools in this area were closed due to weather but these remained opened which I was thankful after I survived the dicey journey. Speaking to these kids even in the early hours of the morning I still found energy to give my message and was rewarded with a terrific audience. Same with the middle school. The emails I received from the students and even some parents were a welcome surprise and reinforced my belief in what I've been doing. This coming Wednesday Jan.25th I will be at Quicken Loans arena with the Cleveland Cavaliers and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) This is my second year doing this event. It will be a blast! And this Saturday I will be joining the band Weekend Mission in a benefit concert. Click here for info.

December 24th, 2011 Year in Review, New Pro Model Coming Jan. 2012

Introducing the Doug Brown Medallion new pro model from Outbreak Boards featuring artist Tony Leard. This deck is a tribute to my mother that passed away from cancer when I was 16. She wore this actual medallion as a necklace throughout her life. This limited edition deck hits skate shops nationally this month. An amazing year this was. With lots of travels with highlights from Mexico to dancing on stage with Prince at the Los Angeles Forum. The plethora of schools, libraries, and hospitals I visited. From having three new pro models released by Outbreak Boards to being put on the pro team for Triple 8 Helmets. Having my first signature pro wheel with Goodlife Wheels and to having my book tour libraries nationally as an exhibit of my career makes me feel blessed. My Skate Straight Foundation has a healthy pulse and continues to be my focus in my career leaving me with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. To the pats on the back, the hand shakes, the autograph seekers, the mother that set me aside telling me my book saved her sons life to the kid in Burger King last week that freaked out when he saw me, I say thank you to all. Thank you to the new friends I've made throughout the year and to the old ones that continue to stand by me. Thank you to everyone that came to all the events. Happy New Year everyone with gratitude and kindness. Best regards, Doug

December 14th, 2011 Athletes For Hope Christmas Campaign

Back on the road. Had a great day and hopefully reached some people. Today's event was part of the Athletes for Hope holiday campaign. I'm honored to be an all star member. Started off with an interview with the newspaper then an interview with the TV station. They filmed part of my program to air tomorrow. The Children's Home of Mansfield came to the event and were full of energy and questions. Days like today remind me of why I do what I do. Feeling thankful.

December 10th, 2011 Oklahoma Off Broadway Skatepark Grand Opening

Wow where to begin? Flew into Arkansas late last night. Was picked up by my crew, had a nice dinner then went to Poteua Oklahoma to the hotel. Today was amazing. Started off at the rec center with the opening ceremonies. I got to talk to the community then on to some lunch. The demo went great with Todd Harder as master of ceremonies. Lots of skating, product tosses and a full on contest. The rest of the day I spent under the tent signing posters, t-shirts, and skateboards and getting to meet the kids one on one. What a great event, was stoked to be a part of it and a big thanks to Todd and Lisa and the city officials in Poteau for making this happen. After the event they took us out to a nice dinner. We then went to the El Solecito Mexican store and even signed some autographs to the store owner and a little boy that was thrilled to meet us because his cousin was at the event but he couldn't make it so we made sure to give him some posters and put a smile on his face. I do events like this all over the country and this one had a spark, the kids, the families, the city officials...everyone was positive and was thankful for this new park. And its a great great skatepark, I'll be back in Oklahoma soon. I gotta catch a plane tomorrow so I'm off to bed. Till next time! Doug

November 18th, 2011 Tomorrow Center, New Pro Model, Texas Pro-Am Contest

Today I visited the Tomorrow Center with my Skate Straight program. This was a special visit as it was near the town my parents grew up in. My dad had played basketball in this gym when he was in highschool. Reaching the youth with my program has been just awesome. I'm getting to do a couple schools a week sharing my life story and the lessons I've acquired along the way. This really has been rewarding. My board sponsor Outbreak will be releasing a limited edition new pro model this holiday season, definitely stoked. I was just invited to be a judge for the Pro-Am Bowl Jam in Texas on December 3rd. Click here for info. I will be in Oklahoma on Dec.10th for the Off Broadway Skatepark grand opening. Click here for info. Till next time! Doug

November 7th, 2011 Visiting Schools, Skating Daily

My mission continues with my Skate Straight foundation growing and visiting many schools and hospitals. SMB is producing a poster for the USA and UK with my fellow team mate Tony Leard. My Beyond the Board exhibit is now touring libraries. The feedback has been great and the exhibit seems to inspire people which is great. The original idea was just to promote my book and the whole project took on a life of its own. Click here for virtual tour or click here for the promotional video. Had a photo session a couple days ago at a national monument. Life is good, skating daily and keeping moving. Till next time! Doug

October 10th, 2011 Beyond the Board Exhibit

That's right folks, my goods, all my pro models, badges, and fun things from my career are on display and hitting a library near you. I'm nearing my tenth year of being a professional skateboarder and speaker and so to help promote my book with Skate Straight my literary agent has been booking this exhibit at libraries. The exhibit has seemed to inspire people and the feedback has been overwhelming. Its my way of sharing my journey and I appreciate all the support with the exhibit. Right now the exhibit is going from Oct. 6 through Nov. 6th at the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster Ohio. Check tour dates for more info and locations. Till next time! Doug

October 7th, 2011 Holmesville School

Today was Homesville Elementary. I normally do my Skate Straight program at high schools and middle schools so today was fun. Upon arriving at the school my first stop was the kindergarteners classroom to talk. No doubt their questions and comments were entertaining. Then it was on to the auditorium were the kids had a great energy and were very receptive to my program. This school reminded me so much of my gradeschool when I was a kid. I felt like I was back in the talent show in 1983. After the program the kids were hungry for autographs and had plenty of questions. My agent was along for the journey and she normally doesn't get to go with me so this was a special gig for sure. Till next time, Doug
September 24th, 2011 Skate Jam with Heed the Call
What a great couple days.. back to back events. I've met and hopefully reached so many people in the past two days. From yesterday's Skate Straight event to today's skate comp with the band Heed the Call. I would have to say the highlight was getting to jam with the band. To my surprise when I looked up the whole crowd was around the stage as I let lose on the guitar. Thanks everyone for coming out to the events. From friends to fans I am truly appreciative of all of you.

September 23rd, 2011 Newark Public Library


September 19th, 2011
I'm meeting someone today that is going through a difficult adverse time. I'm unable to share the circumstances of their situation but it's my skateboarding that has put me in this position to be an inspiration and mentor to this individual. I feel fortunate to be able to help and give back. I'm a strong advocate of women's rights. Join me this Friday at the Newark Library for my Skate Straight event click here for info. This Saturday I will be joining the band Heed the Call for a skate jam and contest click here for info. Till next time! Doug

September 14th, 2011 Cabos San Lucas Mexico
Go go go. It's been a busy few weeks. I just got back from Cabos Mexico, great skating and met some great people. Upon coming home it was back to back gigs with the first event being at Marion Skatepark then direct to speaking at a festival. Then a night in a hotel straight to the Steven Baker Fundraiser. Today I did my Skate Straight program at the Loudonville public library then next week I will speak at another library and a high school. I'm skating daily but my message and microphone are still my focus. I'm proud to announce my new sponsorship with SMB Bearings out of the UK. This is a good partnership and they are fully behind my efforts and they have a great product. Till next time! Doug

August 29th, 2011 Akron Children's Visit
Today I had the unique opportunity to visit a young man that empowered extraordinary strength and courage. A week ago today his life took a turn in a moment due to an accident during gym class landing him paralyzed from the neck down. Upon entering the room a big smile was there to greet me and the connection was made. His father was so appreciative and stated it was the happiest he had looked. Sharing stories and talking about life with him and his father passed the hour. The maturity, strength, and optimism he had was truly remarkable. There was a reciprocal understanding in our conversation that no matter what happens in the future this isn't the end. His life can take many different directions but his state of mind and amazing resources will be key in his journey. Just yesterday he had over fifty visitors. The father's love for his son was something to see. He is surrounded by many friends and family that love him. For me, all I could give was my words of encouragement and support along with bringing a smile into the room. I had entered the room as the pro skater guy and left being a friend to him and his father. I left with a sense of fulfillment and pride. To see that already a week into this tragic dilemma they were going in full force with optimism being center stage. He was the star knowing his intellect and mindset will take him places, no matter what.

August 25th, 2011 Signature Wheel by Goodlife Wheels Released
I'm proud to announce my signature wheels by Goodlife Wheels is now available at your local skateshop or online here. Summer is coming to an end but there will be no slowing down the next couple months. So many events planned, heading to Mexico next week for some events which will be awesome. From seeing the release of my new 3 pro models from Outbreak Boards to skating at the Vans Warped Tour to skating Canada and visiting hospitals and libraries then skating at skate camps this summer has truly been amazing. For upcoming events click here. More to come! Doug

July 28th, 2011 Connecticut Tour
I'm here in Southington Connecticut. I flew in yesterday afternoon greeted by John with the PIAS sports chain. They took me out to a nice dinner thrn checked into my hotel complete with a fireplace. Today started with a visit to the children's hospital then to the Meriden YMCA to speak to a few hundred kids then straight to the in-store signing at the PIAS store. Its now the last night of the trip before I fly out. Today was an appearance at YMCA Camp Sloper which was a blast. We all went canoeing after the event then out to a nice bonfire dinner with the owners of PIAS. What an amazing few days. Thanks to everyone who showed up to the in-store and everyone at the events. Feeling very thankful to be able to reach so many people in a positive light. Special thanks to John, Janet, Tammi, Tyler, Matt, Alex, CT Medical Center, and the crew at PIAS. Till next time, Doug

July 20, 2011 Vans Warped Tour
Great day of skating at the Vans Warped Tour. Met a lot of great people, good bands, good vibes and a full day of shredding in 98 degree weather. Finished the day rockin out to A Day to Remember live. Summer 2011 has been jam packed with events. I've been doing my Skate Straight program at lots of libraries. I'm flying to Connecticut for a handful of events next week. Special thanks to the Picketts, Jim at Tri-Star, the Evo crew, Alix, Brant, and everyone that came out today. Till next time, Doug

July 4th, 2011 Canada Niagara Falls Skatepark
Writing from the road I'm now in Canada. Had a great event at the Niagara Falls Skatepark. Good energy and positive vibes. Even scored a TV interview and did some filming. Tonight I will be attending the fireworks that overlook the falls. Spending time in Canada has been awesome, did some site seeing and met some great people. I'll be back in Canada this August at Toronto's Muskoka Woods Skatecamp. Back on the road tomorrow. Special thanks to all the skaters and everyone with Antigravity skate shop! Till next time

June 19th, 2011 Outbreak Ads, Comic Book, Go Skate Day
Outbreak Boards has released my three new pro models entitled, the Alien Outbreak Series. They have made two promotional ads that will appear in print and on the web. In addition the artist at Outbreak is putting me in a comic book to be released this summer. The summer is jammed with events. I will be returning to Connecticut for a load of events including the YMCA Skate Camp, a hospital visit, Mountain Mist Outdoor Center, and an in-store signing at Southington's PIAS store. I'll be heading to Niagara Falls Skatepark in a couple weeks then Vans Warped Tour then back to Canada at Muskoka Woods Skatecamp. I'll be finishing the summer off in Mexico which I'm looking forward to. This coming Tuesday for national Go Skate Day (June 21st) I will be returning to my hometown where I began skating back in 1986 for a contest. Click here for more info. Join me July 12th in Ohio for Skate Straight Click here for more info. Till next time

June 17th, 2011 YMCA Skate Straight
Today I visited a YMCA camp to do my Skate Straight presentation. They were a very energetic crowd and very receptive to my message. I've had a series of Skate Straight events and last week I got to perform at the Patrick J. Drouhard Auditorium. I'm skating everyday but without a doubt these events are the most important thing I can do with my skateboarding. Summer has started off great with many exciting events planned.
May 25th, 2011 New Pro Models Alien Outbreak Series

May 15th, 2011 Los Angeles & Hope Event

Amazing! Last night at the Forum in Los Angeles.. danced on the stage with Prince.. he even acknowledged my moves, center stage in front of the whole arena, danced for a good five minutes. Sheila E. was there, and Stevie Wonder. Best concert I've ever been to. Dayton, Kentucky, California, then Cincinnati all in 2 days and 5 hours of sleep with 3 plane rides. Today started at 3am with two plane rides then a three hour drive to the Hope Celebrity event for a personal appearance and signings with Nickelodeon's Matt Underwood and Dj Dru West. A weekend to remember. Thanks Nick for everything and filming, and everyone we met along the way. Click here to view the clip.

May 2nd, 2011 New Signature Wheel

This spring Good Life Wheels is producing my first signature set of wheels. They will be available at skateshops and online. I've been digging through my archive of photos and have added some in the new photo section. I just finished a promo video for Skate Straight Click here to view. Join me May 14th for Celebrity Hope Night with Nickelodeon's Matthew Underwood and DJ Drew West for a fundraiser Click here for info. Rapper Dwaam has mentioned me in his new single Beat it Up available on their new cd Click here to here the clip. Many events planned ahead and I've just joined forces with a new skateboard sponsor that will be making my next three pro models too be announced soon! Till next time.

March 20th, 2011 St.Baldrick's Foundation Fundraiser

Had a great day with the St Baldrick's Foundation, donated a lot of items to their auction raising a lot of money for children with cancer, and cancer research. More important than any skate event. The event was held at the Quaker Steak Restaurant in N.Canton Ohio. Throughout the day I was the MC and even got to help shave a head. Special thanks to Abby, Anna, Sue, all the families, the teams, and everyone that helped out today. Click here for video. Many events ahead for spring and summer! Till next time, Doug

February 10th, 2011 New Sponsors, Pro with Triple 8 Helmets

2011 has started with my new sponsor Deuce watches with myself and Andy MacDonald on the skate side. I am also now a pro rider for Triple 8 Helmets. My Skate Straight events have really been keeping me busy and continue to be my driving force in my skateboarding life. I will be joining Athletes for Hope in Washington for 'DC Sports for Good' in March. Click here for tickets and information. Also be sure to stop by the Deuce booth in Vegas this weekend at the MAGIC trade show. Click here for more info. Some more exciting news to announce soon, until then, keep skating and thanks for the support. Doug --Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/skatestraight

December 15th, 2010 Akron Children's Hospital

Words can't explain the events that transpired today. This wasn't my first time visiting a children's hospital and today confirmed why I do what I do. Walking through the hallways with my skateboard in hand I visited many patients ranging in age from six to eighteen. The confirmation of smiles from each person I visited gave weight to my purpose of being there. The smiley face I added beside my signature on the posters I gave them went a long way. The families and staff that surround these special kids are remarkable. Days like today are about heart, selflessness, and caring. I can inspire with my words and my skateboard. These kids inspired me today with their strength and courage.


December 8th, 2010 Quicken Loans Arena

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2010. Its truly been a great year with loads of events and happenings. Today was an eventful day at Quicken Loans arena with the Cleveland Cavaliers and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Upon entering the city we were in the middle of a strong snow blizzard. It was then to the lobby where I had a table set up to meet all the students and teachers. After the meet and greet it was on to the arena floor to talk. Outreach still remains my focus with my Skate Straight program and it was awesome to have the opportunity to speak. After the event we were given great floor seats to see the Cavs play, literally five feet from the court. Special thanks to Michelle with SADD and all the students that came out for the event. As a member of Athletes for Hope I will be visiting a hospital next week to visit some kids. I hope you find it in your heart this Christmas to get involved in some charitable efforts and help those in need. The little things do matter. Wishing you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Doug
Novemember 4th, 2010 Leadership Development Conference

Today was a jam packed productive day. I left my hotel around 9am and was in route to my venue, the Leadership Development Conference in the city of Marion. I was the featured speaker doing my Skate Straight program while putting an emphasis on leadership skills and preparing for the future. Surrounding schools were brought in by bus. After my presentation I had the unique opportunity to talk with a lot of the students one on one about their concerns and their plans for the future. After lunch I jumped across the street and changed my gear to skate their local skatepark. I hosted a skate competition a few years back in this town so it was good to see some familiar faces and catch up with the locals. Next stop was the small town where my parents grew up, surprised my grandma and made a visit. She was pleased to see me since my grandpa had recently past. It was back on the road for a couple days home then next a book signing. I will be at my Skate Straight booth at the Cavs game on Dec 8th be sure to check my tour page for more info. Hope to see you there! Doug

October 22nd, 2010 Skate Straight in the Juvenile Courthouse

Today was one of those days that had an extra spark. My Skate Straight had a booking for a juvenile court to speak to youth in group homes and detention centers throughout the state. Upon arriving I was greeted by Judge Raymond. To my surprise my book was part of a reading program for these teens so they all had the book in hand.  As always these efforts continue to be my foucus and I'm blessed my skateboarding has led me here. November is filled with Skate Straight bookings and I'm meeting Michael J.Fox in a couple weeks which will be awesome. I'm skating strong and much more to come... Doug
October 17th, 2010 Ashland Skatepark Fundraiser

Today's event was true community grass routes of skateboarding. The small town of Ashland has had a coalition for years to keep their skatepark alive. It was many years ago they invited me to the grand opening of this park and the park had visibly aged with wear and tear.  So to be invited back and continue with their efforts I was happy to be on board. These smaller towns have a hunger and soul you don't see in some of the spoiled cities out west that have skateparks at their disposal. I hosted the competition to see some great talent. Upon arriving in the town I saw my name on their community screen scroll across in lights advertising the event, it set the tone for the day... open arms and great vibes in Ashland. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the cause. Doug

Epyon Royal Video ---

Mission Continues
October 3rd, 2010 Interview in October issue of Variance Magazine (Click to view) and new videos

September 15th, 2010 Police Sports Partnership Program in Blanchester

I'm here at a Holiday Inn its about 2am and I just got in. Today was a great day, started out with a 4 hour drive into the town of Blanchester. The police here hosted an awesome event to bring skateboarding to the community and address their growing drug problem. Upon arrival I was greeted by the mayor and the chief of police. It was straight into doing my Skate Straight event on the stage to the awaiting crowd. They were very receptive and I felt I connected with them. After my program it was on to sign some posters and then onto the parking lot filled with skaters and good vibes. It really was a unique community with very positive vibes. The police bought a load of my book from the local bookstore and gave them out to the kids, was an amazing gesture on their part. The sun went down and the event closed with photos and some final talks with the locals. My crew and I went to the police headquarters. To my surprise we were invited to join their police on duty for a night drive. It was a great opportunity and we went for it.
Click here to view the video diary of this event. Epyon Royal Clothing did an ad with me and can be seen on their site. Special thanks to Jenn from CCSA and the Blanchester police depot. Till next time! Doug
August 30th, 2010 Willard Throwdown and Fremont

Just got back from a long weekend. We are at the end of the summer, a truly great summer filled with lots of events and lots of skating. Last week was the Willard Throwdown skate comp that got rained out. Skated the night before the event with sunshine and met some great people. Went back to the hotel, woke up next morning to rain. Lucky, Joe from the Hope Center had a mini ramp housed in the gymnasium so it was on for a non-stop eight hour skate session. Today I joined Level Up skateshop and hosted a comp in the city of Fremont. It was all sunshine and 97 degrees to skate in. It was good to see some familiar faces from years ago. This summer was awesome, the release of the book and doing the book store signings, the skateparks, the skate camps, all the events. Next couple of months I'm booked doing my Skate Straight program. No slowing down here. Thanks for everyone who came out to all the events, more to come! Doug
July 18th, 2010 New Concord Skate Demo
It's about 4am and I just got home from a series of events and being on the road. Today I woke up in my hotel room and set out to the city of New Concord for their grand opening of their skatepark. This was a grass roots operation the kids started with the community  raising money and working the ropes to get a park. The day began with a ribbon cutting with the mayor and an interview with their local news station. It was then on to host the skate comp. After the long day it was on to the swimming pool right beside the park, was a perfect ending to a great event. We are in the heart of summer and its truly been an amazing series of events. Many more to come! Thanks to everyone was came out. See you soon! Doug

July 8th, 2010 New Dunkees ad, Skate Straight, and Tom Green
We are at the start of July with lots of events, Skate Straight is in full swing mainly doing appearances at libraries. Check out the new Dunkees ad for my new pro model. Go Skate Day was spent doing a demo in the city of Willard, lots of fun and skated with the Untitled Skate Team. I celebrated my 37th birthday a couple days earlier and met Tom Green. Was cool to talk old school and meet the man behind the madness. Many more events to come! Doug

June 18th, 2010 Barnes and Noble Book Signing

June 12th, 2010 YMCA Skate Camp and PIAS In-Store Signing in Connecticut

I'm at the Hartford Intl. airport waiting to board the plane. This weekend was spent in Southing Connecticut. We've labeled this the deja vu tour as this is my third time coming back to Southington with the Play it Again Sports crew. Lots of threes this summer. Got in late Friday and was greeted by Janet and her family with PIAS. After a good pizza and hotel check-in it was a good night's rest to Saturday morning. Weather was on our side till about noon and rain was inevitable. The day's demo was set for YMCA Camp Sloper. With the rain a load of skaters we opted to host a game of s.k.a.t.e under the pavilion till the rain passed. Following that the group gathered for my Skate Straight program. They were a receptive audience with lots of questions. After some chat with the skaters we went directly to the Play it Again Sports store for the in-store signing. The weather greatly improved and the parking lot became our skatepark for a mini demo. Following I signed a load of posters in the shop and it was good to see a lot of returning faces from last year. All and all it was a great event with a lot of happy people, mission accomplished. Lots of book signings and demos ahead, till then! Doug

June 4th, COSI and Skate Straight Program in Delaware

May 25th, 2010 Good Today Show on NBC
I've been skating everyday. It's been lots of Skate Straight events at libraries, detention centers and recently Morgan Hall. I got to do a spot on Good Today TV show on NBC. I was interviewed by Al Pawlowski. Its been a blast doing these media events to promote my book. June is packed with events and appearances. All new tour dates in the tour section.
Click here to view upcoming events. Till next time, Doug

Good Today Show

April 28th, 2010 Sports Talk TV
Lots goin on. Check tour dates for book signings, tv appearances and Skate Straight events. My book is now available at all major book stores and in the online shop on this site. Skating daily till next time, Doug

Sports Talk TV

April 21st, 2010 Skate Straight in New Jersey

Greetings from many miles above the earth. I'm aboard a small U.S. Airways jet set back to Cleveland. Today started with a 5am wake-up to a shuttle to the airport. On today's radar was two of my Skate Straight programs in New Jersey. I flew into Philadelphia and was greeted by Bobbi from the Garfield Park Academy school. 30 minutes of windy roads through the city and was greeted by some of the smiling students. This was a special school with students ranging from five to twenty-one years old. Many of these kids were taken from the streets or sent from public schools that could no longer handle them. That staff was remarkable and the heart that filled these hallways was more than noticeable. Upon entering the gymnasium the students had made a series of skateboards with their artwork displayed as my backdrop. These students had a quench for a caring and understanding voice which I did my best to provide during the afternoon. Many of these kids were from broken homes and came from desperate straits, they needed a light, someone to let them know there is hope and their dreams are worthy and reachable if they believe in themselves. After doing my program I signed posters for the kids and met each and everyone. My skateboard continues to bring me in this fortunate position. These efforts are more important than anything I could do on my skateboard, I can't say it enough. My book is now released in stores nationwide. My book has opened up many doors and I'm at a place in my career where things are really coming together. Many events coming up soon including a TV appearance on Sports Talk with Jeff Allen April 28th. Moving forward and staying positive in my efforts, till next time, Doug. Special thanks to Michele, Bobbi, Mitch, Kathy, Terry, Sheri, and all the students from Garfield Park Academy.


April 9th, 2010 New pro model now available!
All is well. My new pro model is now available and should crop up in skate shops soon. All my efforts have been into doing Skate Straight events and promotions for my book. The book has opened up many doors and it's really been an amazing ride. The book will be available at all book stores including Borders and Barnes an Noble on April 27th. You may get the book now online at
www.beyondtheboard.net On April 28th I will be on Sportstalk TV which will be fun. In June I will be on the Robin Swoboda show promoting my book. I'm skating everyday, doing some filming. I'll be flying to NJ April 16th for a big Skate Straight event. My focus still remains in the efforts to make a difference in people's lives, its more important than any trick I could do on my skateboard. Visiting all these schools and reaching people is where its at. Till next time! Doug

Febrary 27th, 2010 Book for Sale and Skate Straight Events
Welcome everyone to 2010. The past couple of months have been busy with projects related to my book release. The book will be in national book stores like Borders and Barnes and Nobel on April 27th but you can order and own the book now by visiting here on this site in the online shop or direct at
www.beyondtheboard.net Writing this book has been quite the experience. Working with the publisher, editor, layout, and more. I'll be flying to New Jersey next month for a Skate Straight event and if you are in Ohio be sure to check us out in the city of Willard on Monday, March 5th. Click here for more info. I have a new board sponsor and a new pro model that will be available this March. Plenty of things ahead and I thank you all for being part of this fun journey! Doug

December 19, 2009 Merry Christmas, Beyond the Board Book Release March 2010
It's been a great year with lots of good things happening. My book Beyond the Board is set for release early spring in national book outlets and March for online sales. To view more about the release visit
www.beyondtheboard.net It's been an amazing experience and has taken a bit longer to put together with the publisher but the wait is well worth it. I continue my efforts with my Skate Straight program and I've just released the Skate Straight tags available in the online shop. I just finished a Christmas video to cap off the year and have gone through some older footage of video journals that can be seen in the video section. Lots planned for 2010, stay tuned! Doug

October 25th, 2009 AGA Contest, Books 'N'More in Wilmington
It's just about midnight and I'm returning from a long productive weekend on the road. Yesterday I did my Skate Straight program at a bookstore in the city of Wilmington. This was a unique placed that housed a large deli, a bookstore, and a hangout for musicians to jam. The warm audience was very welcoming and aged in range from 5 to 55. This town had some major issues with their local police arresting kids for skateboarding so it was an issue I was sure to arise during my performance. One 15 year old skater was actually arrested weeks before for just walking with their board in front of the bookstore. The shop's owner Jen is heading the coalition and I was happy to assist in their efforts. Following doing autographs and meeting the locals we all marched down the street to the local skate shop called Reality Skates. The shop had a sweet mini ramp inside that we all shredded up the rest of the late afternoon. This tight knit skate community is what skateboarding is all about. They all had good vibes, eclectic styles, and had no shortage of soul skaters. Direct from skating it was on to the Holiday Inn a few miles out of town. The past couple months have been an array of skate events and notably my Skate Straight presentations at schools and libraries. No doubt my focus is on my program more than anything else I'm doing with my skating. I hosted an AGA event at Chenga skatepark with my Struggle team mate Johnny Whitehead which went well. Headed to Avon this friday for a demo and contest. I'm now a team rider for Goodlife wheels. Lots more to announce so stay tuned and check back! Thanks to Jen and everyone at Books'N'More and everyone for coming out to all the events. See you soon! Doug


August 26th, 2009 End of Summer, Skate Straight and Updates!
Its the end of August. This summer was just amazing. No shortages of events... contests, demos, hotel rooms, flights, appearances, camps, I survived. Just yesterday was the first stop of in-store signings at a Hot Topic in Summit Mall with the band High School Tragedy. It was a good way to celebrate the end of the summer with good friends like my Struggle team mate Johnny Whitehead, and the GS3 crew. I did more Skate Straight events than ever the past few months. That's been a huge bonus to my skate life, reaching so many people through my program. Check out the new site at
www.skatestraight.org The Nucleus Special edition DVD is now available in the shop on this site, lots of new footy and bonus material. You can see me in the September issue of Thrasher Magazine in the Sneaux Shoe ad. I have some footage in the upcoming Concrete Wave's Evolutions DVD. Skate Straight ads will be on the back of Ollie Pop pouches on their next run. Be sure to check out the new Struggle Skateboards team poster Click here to view. My book deal is sealed and will be released soon, Click here for the promo page. The publisher is doing a lot of marketing and it should be well worth the wait. Again, this summer was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came to all the events, it was a summer to remember. Stay tuned, lots on the radar for this fall and 2010!! Doug

Video Diary, CT

June 14th, 2009 ESPN, Southington Connecticut Demo/Signing, Skate Straight
It's been a whirlwind of non-stop events, especially with Skate Straight. I've been traveling to schools all over presenting my program. Filmed two more Skate Straight promo spots. Flew out Friday morning on a Continental express jet directly into Hartford Connecticut. Was shuttled off in the PIAS van and went directly to the ESPN headquarters, was an amazing time and felt surreal to be there. The next day was an early wake up to the demo at YMCA Camp Sloper. Tucked in the hills of the outskirts of Southington CT this was a nice skatepark. Kids were amped, music filled the air, and the skating was great. From there it was onto the amphitheater to perform my skate straight program. I've done this program all over the planet literally but this was one of the most scenic locations, had a lake behind me, the crowd was on bleachers in the woods. After the presentation it was then on to host a skate comp. After a product toss, then an interview with the local paper, and an awards ceremony I was again shuttled off to the after party/in-store signing at 5pm. The lobby filled up and it was a great time. Lots of kids were sporting my new Struggle Bunny skateboard so it was a nice bonus in connecting with the kids. After a impromptu guitar jam session with the shop owner John we closed the evening with a nice dinner including the whole crew of PIAS Skateshop. It was then back to my hotel and onto a plane the following morning. The road has been good to me thus far this summer, check tour dates for more info. My book Doug Brown Skateboarder is being published and should crop up this summer in major book chains and libraries across the states, I'm pretty stoked on that project its been quite an experience. Also I've been filming video journals that are now available in the video section of this site. Click to view Special thanks to Janet, John, Tyler, everyone at camp Sloper and all the skaters that came out to the events. Until next time... Doug

May 6th, 2009 Demos, Skate Straight, Videos, and more!
Where to begin? Things are in full swing with being in springtime and summer is ahead. The Skate Straight events have been filling up my time visiting library and schools across the nation. I just finished filming two promo videos for Skate Straight which can be viewed in the new video section of the site. No shortage of videos here. This Saturday May 9th I will be hosting a comp in the town of Mt.Vernon. Click here to see the flier, hear the radio promo spot by clicking the icon above. June will be a huge month filled with events. I'll be flying to Connecticut then off to Texas, Click here for info on the contest on June 13th in CT. If you haven't had a chance to grab my new pro model with Struggle Skateboards click www.shop.struggleskateboards.com/ to order. Lots of new pics in the photo section. I'm filming my travels for a new skate vid. Skate Straight now has a new myspace www.myspace.com/sk8straight Thanks for everyone who came out to all the events! Till next time! Doug

March 25th, 2009 New Pro Model - Rabbit by Struggle Skateboards
Stoked to announce that my new pro model with Struggle Skateboards is now available. The artwork was done from renown artist Laura Pflueger. The deck can be ordered direct from
www.shop.struggleskateboards.com/ Spring is crawling near and there will be lots of skate events up ahead. Join me Tuesday April 21st, at the Brunswick library if you are in Ohio. Click here for more info. Skate Straight is in its fourth year and its really been an amazing addition to my skate life. The opportunity to go into communities and reach students, the people and the stories have been an education for me as well. I will have a couple special guests at the next few stops. I have a new clothing sponsor to announce soon. I'm pretty excited on this venture as they will be putting out an exclusive line of my own threads. My time off the board has been filled with skate related projects. My life really is consumed by skateboarding one way shape or form. The new book will be available through major book chains this summer. I'm finishing up my part in the upcoming Struggle video with Ruben and Tyrone. I think thats about it for updates, lots ahead I assure you. Till we meet again, Doug

February 27th, 2009 New Book, Army Tour, Struggle Skateboards Mag Ad
It's now the end of February, It's been sometime since I did an update. A few weeks back I got to join pro bmx legend Rick Thorne on the Join the Army Skatepark tour. I've seen Rick many times and it was good to rock out to his band Good Guys in Black. Getting to the event was another matter having more snow than Cleveland has seen in years and driving an hour and a half in awful roads, freezing temps with no heat, but that's another matter. I've been skating every week and enjoying some downtime with the winter months. During the summer of 2005 I was writing a journal while on the road. Long layovers at airports and hotel rooms at night gave me time to transport my life's ventures onto paper. With that I put it on my site as an ebook. The feedback was strong and everywhere I went I had people tell me how my story reached them, old and young. So the opportunity arrived for some publishing deals and I decided to take the leap and put a book out. I've been touring libraries throughout with my Skate Straight program so I figured this would coincide with my efforts. The book will be released this spring so keep your eye out at a book store near you. I've been riding for Struggle Skateboards and a second new pro model will be released this spring. The graphic was done by an artist friend of mine so I'm stoked. I've finished filming for the next Struggle vid with team mates Ruben Najera and Tyrone Olson, a trailer of the vid is in the works. Other than that its been skating and gearing up for spring/summer events. Lots of demos planned so check the tour dates and see you on the road! Doug

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