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Doug Brown used to get detentions as a teenager for skateboarding in school. Now he's asked to skateboard and speak in schools. This professional athlete, author, and motivational speaker tugs at heart strings with advice for the struggling adolescent. Not far removed from those years, Brown relates his own life experiences with powerful words of wisdom.

Doug Brown dives deep into his own tender teen years to share his experience sprinkled with real life advice and tools to help teens make positive life choices and be encouraged. Brown did not hold back from tackling head-on all relevant issues that teens today are facing: parents, siblings, school, body changes, peer pressure, dating, jobs, driving, bullying, social media, and more. Brown uses his own life experience to relate to teens on their level and show them the outcomes they can have based on the choices they make today. Brown’s journey through adolescence led him to be the man he is today and he takes us down the road that started him on that path. Brown offers hope to teens to find their own road to travel that will guide them to their destination. Through many trials and adversity in his teen years, Brown shows how teens can persevere and follow their dreams to become the adult they want to be. Brown offers a great read that at times is funny and even sad, but most of all, it is raw, real life and completely relatable to what teens are going through and what they are faced with in today’s world.

This book is a great read for all teenagers, parents of teens, or even adults who want to reflect on their own adolescent years. For the adult reader, Brown will help you relate to what teens are going through, while remembering the trials you encountered during your own teen years. Brown’s emblematic theme of hope and optimism continues to resonant throughout this book and can encourage anyone, whether a teen or adult.

Brown teaches us that the choices we make, both as teens and adults, have a lasting impact on our own lives and importantly the lives of others. Brown encourages us to choose to travel the positive path to make an impact on the world.

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"Doug Brown has an unwavering commitment to helping others.
We are very lucky to work with such a passionate and giving person.
Thank you for all that you do for the community."

- Athletes for Hope

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