Written by Melissa Bussey

Chances are you've seen Doug Brown on the Fuel Channel, at the Gravity Games, AST Dew Tour, or even on a stick of X-Air Deodorant, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Doug is a musician, songwriter, recording artist and full-time professional skateboarder.  Hidden behind his contagious smile and charisma is a wide range of talents and a strong sense of determination. 
Doug's love for the world of  skateboarding began in 1986 around age 12, after seeing Back to the Future for the first time. He and his buddies spent every available moment on their boards throughout junior high and high school. While the skateboarding trend has waxed and waned in popularity, Doug's commitment to the sport remained constant.  Even when his time was stretched between his music career and traditional business ventures, he maintained a regular schedule of practicing and honing his skills.
As Doug matured, so did his talent and confidence.  His professional career began by chance in 2002 when he worked his way into the Gravity Games and caught the eye of his first two sponsors.  After that, he began skating demos and winning several competitions throughout the states. After almost twenty years of boarding he is still faithful to his original style of skating while integrating new moves into his repertoire.  
Currently, Doug can be seen touring anywhere from four to six skateparks a week, as well as making personal appearances across the world. He has had a busy schedule this year, participating in over thirty events.  Some of the highlights of this crazy schedule are participating in the AST Dew Tour, Gravity Games, the Van's Summer Invasion Skateboard Series, where he took 1st place; the X-Treme Fest, where he took 2nd place; and numerous television spots on Much Music Television, 54321, Fuel Network, ABC Sports (Dew Tour), Out & About Sports, Fox Sports, Planet X, Xcorps TV, and the Sports Talk Network. Magazine appearances include coverage in Transworld Magazine and Thrasher Magazine.

Doug has also joined Mike Vallely and Kristian Svitak on Negative One Grip Tape's pro team. Other pro sponsorships include Ninja Bearings, Negative 1 Griptape, Ramps.com, Ollie Pop Bubblegum, Triple 8 protective gear, and Softrucks. Doug's pro signature models, Doug Brown Alien, Doug Brown Bunny, and SMF's signature Doug Brown model are in national distribution and are available in skateshops across the globe. Notable causes include his involvement with Make-A-Wish Foundation, Skate4Cancer, Athletes For Hope and his own Skate Straight Program. Click Here for more info.

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Doug Brown is a skater that prides himself on being an individual and creative skateboarder. He skates for fun and looks at skating as a creative positive outlet. You will never see Doug follow the herd or give into hype. He truely is an original" Hilary Schlegal - Agent

Negative One Griptape, Sneaux Shoes,
Ninja Bearings, Ollie Pop Bubblegum,
Softrucks, Triple 8 Helmets, SMF Skateboards
Doug Brown Rabbit Pro Model Yocaher 04
Doug Brown Alien Pro Model Yocaher 05
Doug Brown Rabbit Pro Model Yocaher Reissue 06

Doug Brown SMF Signature Model 07
360 disaster to rock and roll, fingerflip variations,
blunt variations, 360 nollie big spin to disaster
and a full bag of original signature tricks.
Seeing Tony Hawk's 900 live in person.

August 2003: 2nd place X-treme Fest
September 2003: 1st place Summer Invasion Series
September 2003: TV appearance on Much Music TV
October 2003: Gravity Games

May 2004 Appearances on Fuel TV
June 2004 Release of Doug's Pro Model deck -
Doug Brown Bunny in shops across the globe.
August 2004 Fuel Channel Get Hook-T Up Tour
September 2004 Gravity Games demo skater
October 2004 Las Vegas Demos

ASR San Diego Pro Demos Jan.2005
Orlando Vans Demo Feb. 2005
Ollie's Demo, Kentucky with Mike V. May 2005

Schottenstein Arena, 20,000 people Aug 2005
Pro Action Sports Dew Tour Summer 2007

Winning my first skateboarding competition in 1987
Skating the 2002 - 2004 Summer Gravity Games
Eastern Supply Open House Demo NC 2004
Progressive Skatepark Appearance Atlanta 2004
Doing MC at Fuel Channel's Get Hook-T Up Tour 04
Texas Fort Bliss Military Base Demos March 2005
Canada Newfoundland tour July 2006
54321, Much Music TV, Out & About Sports, ESPN,
Fuel TV, Plantet X, Fox Sports, XCorps TV,
ABC (Dew Tour), Sports Talk Network

Age twelve, 1986
Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain,
Omar Hassan, Mike Vallely and Fred Smith
Bones Brigade Propaganda 1990
Night Stalker by Nash 1986
Make-A-Wish Foundtion, Skate4Cancer
American Red Cross, Skate Straight Program